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Second Life Avatar Goes Mental for Relogging First Time Since 2005

After being off for 15 years, a Second Life avatar goes mental when logging in. She was quickly intercepted by Lindens and taken to external facilities. How did Lindens know about this? Easy, this is the first time an avatar returns to the grid. Lindens had anticipated this scenario, so they added a routine to […]Read More

Linden is Stealing Prims from Servers and Building a Third Grid

Our Insider claims Lindens are stealing prims from the Second Life server to build a new third grid. According to our sources, regions have an average superplus of 10 prims. The company is taking those 10 prims to other servers to build something else. Our spies haven’t managed to access the new project schematics yet. […]Read More

Lindens Dance the Conga When Someone Registers on Sansar

Our Mole in the company says Lindens dance the conga every time someone registers on Sansar. If you are wondering if alts count, our insider confirmed it. They do the same with alt accounts too. Lindens call that action “humping party in the office”. Linden CEO doesn’t join the conga party. Rumors say Ebbe Altberg […]Read More

Second Life Exorcist Expels the Human inside the Avatar

Second Life Exorcist managed to expel the human inside a young avatar. The human had managed to posses the full body and was forcing the avatar to behave in strange and terrifying ways. We will keep the name of the avatar in secret to protect her identity. In order to chat with other people, the […]Read More

Furries in Second Life Are Witness Protection Program Members

Furries in Second Life undercover operation has been exposed to public by me. Furries are members of the Linden Witness Protection Program that hide among us. Who knows who they are? Maybe crooks, thieves or strippers with poor talent. Now you might be wondering how I found it out. Cause I’m on of them, 😂 […]Read More

Conspiracy Theorists Say Second Life is a Sphere

The Sphere Second Life Society is claiming all over the metaverse that Second Life is a sphere and not a flat world like Linden says. This is a group of evil and nasty avatars that normally meet in the same region and share stupid ideas. One of these ideas became the most stupid conspiracy theory […]Read More

Confirmed! Generation Z Users Don’t Know What Bullfighting is

Recent studies by Linden Lab have confirmed the theory that Second Life Generation Z users have no idea of many things. Are they ignorant? Hard to say. They don’t know how to use a map, unless it’s google maps. They don’t know how to stamp a letter and yes, they have no freaking idea what […]Read More

New Second Life Breedables Rednecks

New Second Life breedables Rednecks have been introduced inworld. Unlike any other type of breedable like meeros, horses, feenux, dogs, butterfiles etc. they rarely breed with other companions, they like inbreeding. Buy a few rednecks and let them mate in your backyard. Unfortunately after a few generations, your rednecks will stop mating. They will spend […]Read More