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New Feature: Linden Will Ban with a Game Over Message

Linden will soon start banning residents with a “Game Over” message. The objective of this “game over ban” is to create a better and more immersive experience for the banned resident. In the past, they used to send an email message that nobody would read. Our insider in the lab commented that using that “game […]Read More

Second Life Big Boobs Will Count As 2 Avatars

Linden is going to change the land impact of Second Life big boobs to be considered as 2 avatars. How does this affect the grid? If the population limit of a homestead is 20 people, when a resident and their big breasts land in the region, they will count as 2 residents instead of 1. […]Read More

Second Life Avatar Goes Mental for Relogging First Time Since 2005

After being off for 15 years, a Second Life avatar goes mental when logging in. She was quickly intercepted by Lindens and taken to external facilities. How did Lindens know about this? Easy, this is the first time an avatar returns to the grid. Lindens had anticipated this scenario, so they added a routine to […]Read More

Ouija Boards Necessary to Send Offline Messages in 2021

Upcoming changes in Second Life communications for next year: ouija boards will be necessary to send offline messages to other avatars. According to Linden sources, avatars not logged in are technically dead and dead people can only receive messages through seances. Linden will update the TOS soon In order to contact with a Linden avatar […]Read More

Linden Engineers Will Behave Like Second Life Oompa Loompas

In 2021, Linden is determined to enforce the staff visibility inworld, that’s why they will transform all engineers as Second Life Oompa Loompas. They will perform, sing and repeat gestures related to Oompas. According to our Insider, the song will be something like this: Oompa loompa doompety doo I’ve got a perfect bug for youOompa […]Read More

Linden Will Charge for Sex in 2021. Shares Are Up 20%

Linden plans for sex are changing in 2020. They will charge a commission for every sexual relationship that occurs in Second Life. If you are wondering whether this is legal, you just have to read the TOS. The TOS clearly says that the avatar belongs to Linden and you are renting an asset on their […]Read More

Linden is Stealing Prims from Servers and Building a Third Grid

Our Insider claims Lindens are stealing prims from the Second Life server to build a new third grid. According to our sources, regions have an average superplus of 10 prims. The company is taking those 10 prims to other servers to build something else. Our spies haven’t managed to access the new project schematics yet. […]Read More

Lindens Dance the Conga When Someone Registers on Sansar

Our Mole in the company says Lindens dance the conga every time someone registers on Sansar. If you are wondering if alts count, our insider confirmed it. They do the same with alt accounts too. Lindens call that action “humping party in the office”. Linden CEO doesn’t join the conga party. Rumors say Ebbe Altberg […]Read More

Second Life Exorcist Expels the Human inside the Avatar

Second Life Exorcist managed to expel the human inside a young avatar. The human had managed to posses the full body and was forcing the avatar to behave in strange and terrifying ways. We will keep the name of the avatar in secret to protect her identity. In order to chat with other people, the […]Read More