Linden Employee New Avatars for 2021

Last week Linden announced the new employee avatar for engineers during 2021. All senior staff have instructions to wear them inworld as soon as possible. No excuses will be accepted to decline the offer. Linden Engineer in chief will also be forced to complement the avatar with a mohawk hairstyle.

It was a shortlist. Among others, the cheerleader avatar and Trump avatar were dismissed. The chimpanzee options seemed to be the less offensive. The new Linden employee avatar or uniform will be the chimp. Senior engineers will be wearing an adult avatar while the junior staff will have to use the child chimpanzee avatar with diapers.

A new rumor in the Linden’s offices points out that the chimpanzee costume will be used for Halloween too. Another source confirmed that Ebbe will be wearing a plywood cube for that occasion.

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Enjoying a spring-like day with my favorite chimp...


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