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V-Twins Biker Outfitters, this is who we are. V-Twins was founded in 2007 by Amigo Uriza & Miley Chaplin in Second Life®
We are a store specialized in designing biker & sexy apparel for residents of Second Life. 

In 2010, Chaplin Tomorrow joined V-Twins staff as designer and helped to strengthen the brand with new designs and vision.

V-Twins CEO (2007 – 2013) Miley Chaplin
V-Twins CEO (2013 – 2019) Amigo Uriza
V-Twins CEO (2019 – ) Chaplin Tomorrow

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Amigo Uriza Avatar

Amigo Uriza

Former CEO

Gabs Voom Avatar

Gabs Voom

WebPage Editor

We will like to thank all customers, friends, competitors, haters, Lindens & visitors for their support and help all over the years in Second Life. It’s been a hell of a journey and we want to say that all of you made V-Twins possible.

V-Twins Staff (2010-2017)

V-Twins Staff 2011 - 2017


V-Twins Website is a separated asset from the Inworld Store & V-Twins Marketplace in Second Life®
Chaplin Tomorrow is CEO, designer & manager of the Store. Gabs Voom is the Chief Editor of the Website content. 

The articles & opiniones expressed in these blogs belong to their authors. It is not the opinion of V-Twins Inworld Store Owners.