Macho Composer is a Blogger in Second Life. He is irreverent, disrespectful. He tries to be witty but he always ends up being insane and sassy.

New Second Life Breedables Rednecks

New Second Life breedables Rednecks have been introduced inworld. Unlike any other type of breedable like meeros, horses, feenux, dogs, butterfiles etc. they rarely breed with other companions, they like inbreeding. Buy a few rednecks and let them mate in your backyard. Unfortunately after a few generations, your rednecks will stop mating. They will spend […]Read More

Trick or Treat Will be “Lag or Restart” on Halloween

For Halloween 2020 Linden is preparing a new event that will affect residents in Second Life. They are trying a more immersive scenario. On Halloween Lindens will move around the grid with costumes threatening residents with 2 options: “Lag or Restart”. They won’t be allowed to take bribes and residents will have to pick up […]Read More