Gabs Voom

Gabs Voom is an avatar in Second Life® Still trying to make my Second Life more miserable. 🙄

3 Second Life Features Nobody Use Because They Are Dumb

There are some Second Life features that could have made sense like 10 years ago. However, today they make no sense whatsoever and it’s time to remove them. Let’s face it. Second Life is almost 20 years old and a lot has changed. And a little bit of disclaimer before the start. When I say […]Read More

4 Annoying Second Life Glitches From the Past

There have been a few popular Second Life glitches. The epic ones used to happen during the first years and some of them lasted a few years. In this article, I will review 4 of these bugs that were sadly common in the first years. If I recall correctly, some of them still happened to […]Read More

Megaprims in Second Life. A Part of the Evil Grid Past

Have you ever heard of megaprims in Second Life? If you don’t it means you missed one part of the Linden Lab history. If you used them, it means your avatar is old. These items played a significant role in the history of Second Life. There was a huge controversy and arguments in favour and […]Read More