Evil String

Second Life Psycho with a good heart. Irreverent, shameless avatar persona born in the metaverse.

Best 60 Sensual Second Life Images

This is the list for the best inworld snapshots. The top sensual Second Life images. An example of what residents can do inworld with resources and imagination and (let’s admit) with a perv mind too 😈 I will add different categories to enlighten what makes the photo appealing and interesting. You might agree or disagree, […]Read More

Second Life Big Boobs Will Count As 2 Avatars

Linden is going to change the land impact of Second Life big boobs to be considered as 2 avatars. How does this affect the grid? If the population limit of a homestead is 20 people, when a resident and their big breasts land in the region, they will count as 2 residents instead of 1. […]Read More

Ouija Boards Necessary to Send Offline Messages in 2021

Upcoming changes in Second Life communications for next year: ouija boards will be necessary to send offline messages to other avatars. According to Linden sources, avatars not logged in are technically dead and dead people can only receive messages through seances. Linden will update the TOS soon In order to contact with a Linden avatar […]Read More

Linden Will Charge for Sex in 2021. Shares Are Up 20%

Linden plans for sex are changing in 2020. They will charge a commission for every sexual relationship that occurs in Second Life. If you are wondering whether this is legal, you just have to read the TOS. The TOS clearly says that the avatar belongs to Linden and you are renting an asset on their […]Read More

Furries in Second Life Are Witness Protection Program Members

Furries in Second Life undercover operation has been exposed to public by me. Furries are members of the Linden Witness Protection Program that hide among us. Who knows who they are? Maybe crooks, thieves or strippers with poor talent. Now you might be wondering how I found it out. Cause I’m on of them, 😂 […]Read More

Linden Reunites the 25 Virgin Avatars Left in Second Life

A few days ago, Linden searched on the database to find out how many virgin avatars were left with payment info on file. The result was 25 virgin avatars. “At first, we thought .. really? So many?”. – A linden employee stated. “We took the files to an auditing firm, which that gave their approval”. […]Read More