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Hello, this is my first post here but not my first ever blogging. 
I have been on Second Life since 2009, I have been a V-twin fan since at least the beginning of my time here.


I am in a furry avatar, but I don't consider myself a furry (long story), but I do wear a black wolf avatar and not in the general way of most furries do. Besides mostly myself in my blog, I occasionally show the same outfits and home decor with other avatars too. I do videos of avatars for a couple friends including introduction and review of newly released avatars and options for modifications, creating textures, using other mesh bodies such as Maitreya and more. I don't use digi-legs but will in some videos and posts use them just so other furries can see how they work with such.


My styles change a  lot depending on my mood, I was very strict on my tomboyness for a while, but now I do whatever meets the mood! Tomboy to girlyness!


I have used a Maitreya body since it has come out, I am pretty happy with it. In the future, I'll probably pick up a couple of the others. I have a male alt as well, that I am in the process of setting up a Slink male body. So, it's a lot to work with multiple avatars but it's a lot of fun, you'll mostly though see me as my black wolf. My blog is to get the furries a bit more on the updated and better look than the older avatars, getting them out of the box. 


I am also a Rock DJ, though I have only done 2 sets in the last couple of years (daily since 2009 before then). My specialty is alternative to very heavy rock/metal and prefer unsigned or small label bands. I will be DJing again soon too! I used to DJ at clubs in Second Life, even the human clubs as a different color wolf at one point and have done events in clubs of the past for V-Twins (The Old Rock Club and couple other places).


Don't look at me as a typical furry, I'm not. I'm a part of their community as well as the human community and have had a great time with both. I'm not even a furry in my mind, but again that's another story.


My Blog: www.ravenskyeblog.com

My Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/ravenskyeblog

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ravenskyeblog

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ravenskyeblog

Ello: https://ello.co/ravenskyeblog

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I am very excited to be posting and sharing fashion from V-Twins, I have been a customer and fan of V-Twins since 2009. Credits for this photo can be found here: http://www.ravenskyeblog.com/2017/08/04/new-blog-project-v-twins-outfitters

Soon, I'll also be including a male alt into V-Twins fashion posts and including various avatars besides just my black wolf!  

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"Fallout" by V-Twins

This awesome V-Twins outfit, Fallout, is available with top and jeans. The top has 4 colors of both both plain and patched. The jeans, which are baggy near the leg bottom come in 4 colors as well, in plain and ripped as well as 2 bottom options for flat feet and heels. Lots of options and lots of colors. This outfit also fits common mesh bodies such as Belleza, Maitreya and Slink and the standard mesh sizes from XS to L. Always try a demo to be sure they work for your particular avatar.

With all the sizes available, there is sure going to be one that will fit the main mesh bodies or a standard furry body such as Dark Spot Designs and Raawr Avatars. Again, I insist you try demos.




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V-Twins "Bristle"

I brought my Alt avatar, Xavier Caeran, into this with V-Twins! I put him into a brown "Timber Wolf" by Dark Spot designs, Slink body and leather outfit.


My outfit today is called "Bristle", it is the newest outfit available with V-Twins. It comes in leather, denim and colorful colors with sizes to support mesh bodies such as Maitreya, Isis, Freya, Hourglass, Slink, TMP, Eve as well as standard sizes from Small to Large. To be sure they fit your body, or for those who are furry and have none of the standard mesh bodies, always try a demo to be sure this fits your particular body shape. It's a nice outfit, great textures and fits my Maitreya body perfectly.

bristle1.jpg  bristle2.jpg  bristle3.jpg


Marketplace Links for this outfit


V-Twin’s Links:


Photo Credits:
v-twins8-14-2017-Raven.pngMy Avatar:




  • Top/Pants: “Bristle, Leather” by V-Twins
  • Gloves: “Bento Gloves” by V-Twins
  • Collar: "Alice Collar" by Tabou
  • Arm Straps: Harness v2 by Belze Bubble







Xavier, Male Avatar
  • Base Avatar: “Wolf v3, Timber” by Dark Spot Designs
  • Body: “SLink Male” Mesh Body by Slink
  • Hair: “Elie” Hair by Truth - VIP Group Gift, August 2017




  • Jacket/Pants: “Crossroads” by V-Twins
  • Gloves: “Biker Groom Omega Gloves” by V-Twins








Motorcycle: "Black Hawk Cruiser" by V-Twins

Backdrop Scene: "Shoplifters" by Anxiety - Group Gift, August 13, 2017

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