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Amigo Uriza

V-Twins Main Store

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V-Twins Main Store

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V-Twins Biker Outfitters was founded on May - June 2008 in Second Life® by 2 Avatars,  Miley Chaplin & Amigo Uriza. 

First Store was located in Sinnersville Region. ( 2008 - 2017 )


New Store is located in Gianno Region, since October 2017



Since 2008, V-Twins has been dedicated to release biker apparel for Second Life avatars, mainly leather & denim style.

In 2009, a series of new spin-off projects were developed. 


  • V-Twins Bootleggerz ( specialized in Shoes & Boots )
  • V-Twins Western ( specialized in Rodeo & Cowboy - cowgirl clothes )
  • V-Twins Babygirlz ( specialized in Biker Style Pink clothes )
  • V-Twins Outlet Store ( old collections with important discount )
  • V-Twins Formalwear ( specialized in forma clothing: gowns & dress )
  • Panheads ( specialized in grunge & old skool clothes )
  • V-Twins Bikes


In 2010 Chaplin Tomorrow joined the V-Twins Team help designing for some of the spin-off projects like Panheads &  V-Twins Western.

In 2010  Gabs Voom joined the project to create new & improved Second Life® Bikes. The Bike Project was transferred to Chaplin Tomorrow on 2014


Since 2012 with the appearance of Mesh in Second Life a few business were merged together to improve the presence inworld & marketplace.


Actual Stores: 


  • V-Twins Biker Outfitters  - biker fashion ( includes Bootleggerz )
  • V-Twins Outlet Store - ( includes all available clothes with a significant discount )
  • V-Twins Bikes 





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