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Amigo Uriza

V-Twins - Teagan Avatar Model

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Let me introduce you Teagan Avatar. You will recognise Teagan because she is the avatar that appears in V-Twins Pictures. The Black Girl Model.

Most of the times wearing a body oil lotion on the skin.


galaxy avtar.jpg Teagan Avatar.jpg


With Teagan we wanted to display our clothes using a black skin so customers could have a better idea of how the clothes looked like.  Teagan is a middle age woman, reaching her fourties, with wide hips and big breasts. She has what we could say an Hourglass body shape. We also let this model wear rasta hair and afro hair.


This is Teagan Main Configuration:


  • Belleza Venus Body
  • Omega Appliers for the body
  • Anara Custom Eyes



V-Twins Belleza sizes.jpg  teagna avatar2.jpg



Remember that the shape Measures are only for information purposes. You can wear fitmesh clothes using other parameters. These data we provide for the Teagan Avatar is for information only.





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