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Hi I am Star :) Welcome to my V-Twins Blog! I love wandering SL so I hope to add some cool  info in here about the places I go, the things I see and most importantly the stuff I buy!  So lets start this journey together you and I... whoever you may be. 

I love musiciansrideSnapshot_002.thumb.png.cfe2f1f655203a8d7d12f96e59b89c28.pngSnapshot_004.thumb.png.8ca3af511019beed738f13c44dd5fbe1.png

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Hi! It's me Star again ! Today I went for a ride, drove through the trailer park, checked out some hotties... And most Importantly just had fun!

So before i took off I thought what better way to have fun than to shop! So off I went to find the perfect hottie hunting outfit. And here is what i put together!Snapshot_003.thumb.png.7f269419b765ff36ba7e836183995dd8.png

I put together and outfit from 2 separate V-Twins outfits.  First, The McKenzie Jacket, I have the Color version which has sooo many options. The Hud enables you to change the jacket body, Belt , Belt Loops and arms.

The Hud has 8 colors for each. And the abilty to mix your very own colors with the color wheel! Possibilities are endless.

And since I was going riding my V-Twins Old Skool Babygirlz Highway Star I thought I am going Pink and Black today!. Put on my hud, changed the  jacket to pinks and black!Snapshot_004.thumb.png.d094ad7281c52b703baf53d6c5f4af12.png

Then i took the skirt and thong from the V-twins-Strong Emotions outfit and  changed it with its Hud to back with Pink Straps. and a Pink thong. The Skirt Hud to this outfit allows you to change the skirt, thong and skirt straps.  There is a light and dark version hud and both the skirt and straps can be changed between 8 colors, 4 for the thong. Also you have the color wheel here too . So mix some colors chica! I went Pink and Black again and Puuurfecto! I'm looking hawt!



So Besides the Awesome V-Twins Clothes and Bike here is How I come to look like the sweet little Minx I am ,

My hair is from Truth, I have the Reds pack so i can go strawberry blonde to fiery redhead in 2.2 seconds flat!  This one is  Truth - Scout. Not only does it have these cute little side buns, but it also comes with a Style Hud that can change it pigtails for those " I need to look sweet and innocent" days ;) My Skin is from Belleza, Erika -Tan. I just love the freckles across my cheeks.

And my body is the Belleza - Venus Body. 

The jacket and skirt fit great!  No problems at all with . I wore the Fitmesh Jacket  and the Venus Skirt.

Oh and Shoes! Who can forget shoes??

These are also some rockin V-Twins shoes.  V-Twins Bootleggerz - Destiny Heels. I recommend the Fat pack. They will match anything!

So thats it... I am ready to roll... and possibly rock ;) We shal see how the day goes. In the meant time, Have an awesome SL! I will see you soon!!




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Hey Ya'll! Star here... V-Twins has  these great new shoes I want to share with you today!

BRAND spankin new!  Just out today! And lil 'ol Star has them already!1

Check these babies out!



Aren't they just precious?? They match just about anything. Dressy or casual, they fit right in!

I got me the Fatpack! They also have a Black / Brown Pair or a White and Pink Pair. Right now these babies are on sale too.. only $149 Lindens. My fatpack was a little more but $249 Lindens for a fatpack is a steal!

The Fatpack Hud has  16 preset colors and a color Wheel to make your own

you just can;t beat that!

So this is the outfit i picked out for ya'll today. It's called V-Twins Might Rage, I got me the biker Version cuz I like that straight foreward in yo face look.. ya know what I'm sayin?

Night Rage


I chose the browns today since I'm feelin a little Hot Headed and needed to match my hair.


So let me tell you all about this one.

The Top has sizes for Curvy , Fine , Freya , Hourglass, Isis , Physique , TMP, Venus , Ebody and the 5 Standard Mesh sizes and an alpha of course.

And the 
  Hud for the Top  4 colors, and 4 patched options per color. Also 8 Patterned versions to mix it up.

Whole lotta options here I'm tellin ya!

This cute little skirt, it comes in Tonic Fine & Curvy , Venus , Freya, Maitreya , Hourglass, Physique, Isis ,TMP , and the 5 Standard mesh sizes and of course an alpha for it too.

It's hud has  4 colors and 8 colors on the belt option .

The Leg Harness has sizes for  Mesh Classic, Freya ,Hourglass, Isis , Maitreya and Physique.

Now i wear a Belleza Venus Body and I had no troubles at all wearing any of the pieces. They all fit just fine.

I bought me a pair of ripped stockings on marketplace from a little place called Snowfall Sinsations , very inexpensive too ! Only $19 L and they work on just about everyone!

They have piece or appliers for classic avatars and appliers for Maitreya Lara, Slink Physique, Belleza Venus and Omega system enabled mesh bodies. Now updated for the newest Maitreya Lara and Belleza V3's . So great deal!



I hope ya'll find some great deals of your own and share them with us too!. 

I guess i should recap.. just give ya'll a quick rundown.

Outfit - V-Twins Night Rage ( biker version)

Shoes - NEW!! V-Twins Bootleggerz - Venice Fatpack

Stockings -  Snowfall Sinsations - Ripped Pantyhose w/ Appliers

Body  Belleza venus

Head AK - Lulu

Belleze Skin - Erika

Eyes - !!DF!! Lt Blue Realistic Eyes _ Lt Blue #30

Shape - !Mesh Maniacs:: Talie

and lastly

Hair - *ARGRACE* Cowboy Hat / MINAMI - Reds


So that's it! I am done for today and headed out!

Take care ya'll!








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Hey Ya'll! Star here.. ..  I haven't checked in for a bit but the holidays were just booming here!

Today I would like to tell ya'll about a V-twins outfit I like called V-Twins Spotlight Blue Version.


I like this one. The tank top has a little dropped shoulder on one side and the jeans fit my Belleza Venus body just awesomely.

The Top comes in sizes for Ebody, Fine, Curvy, Maitreya, Freya, Isis, Hourglass, Slink Physique, Venus, TMP,  and 5 standard Mesh sizes. And an alpha is included.


The Hud for the top has 41 seperate designs available on the hud! Talk about a bargain!

The Jeans come in sizes for Freya, Hourglass, Maitreya, Isis, Slink Physique, and venus.


2 huds for the jeans , one for the jeans and one for the belt.

The Belt hud has 6 color options and 2 Buckle color options.


The Jeans Hud has 9 versions to choose from. 3 plain, 3 ripped and 3 patched. 

So Ya'll be sure to mix and match this one up!

Oh I got these here shoes at V-Twins too!.


These  boots are the bomb ya'll!

V-Twins#Bootleggerz - Sayonara Plain

I really dig these. They look fantastic with my jeans!


I took these here pics at a sim I wandered in to called Everwinter .

a post Apocalyptic Sim thats pretty freakin cool!

You can see more of it here Mist/242/122/26


I gots to run Ya'll but I promise to put something else up here again real soon.



Snapshot_004.thumb.png.0435e095bf654845d6dab3bce81ce102.png Snapshot_001.thumb.png.8caab065ef2c2d6bb01d6c0008fc83da.png






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Hey Ya'll It's been awhile huh

Poppin in real fast to leave you a lil somethin short and sweet.

V-Twins new on Inception is hot Hot HOT

Inception 1  Inception 6

Check this out...

Sexy little dress with cut outs to tease a lil , and Killer Boots... What more can a girl ask for!

Inception 2

Here it is...

Dress & Boots - V-Twins Inception  Dark Colors - Venus Size
Truth - December gift Tinsley Hair - Reds
Body - Belleza Venus
Skin - Belleza Erika 
Eyes - !!DF!! ( Desired Fantasies) Lt Blue#20
Akeruka - Lulu Mesh Head
Makeup by Slackgirl - Sunny Shadow
and Eyebrows by Selen - Kim

Inception 3

There ya have it!

Inception 4




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