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Happy Humpday!

Hey my fellow V-Twiners! It's wednesday and I thought for this weeks humpday I would give us girls a little eye candy ;) 

Steven 1

So I will tell the guys about an outfit called Steven!

I got my friend Nolan back here to model it for us. ( ok i begged with sad eyes and a puppy dog face til he gave in but I got him didn't I !! )

So here is Nolan looking bad ass as always for us :)

Steven 4

Nolan is wearing V-Twins  - Steven Patched Version.

This outfit comes with Omega appliers for Gloves , Pants and T-Shirt
Mesh Vest in 5 Standard mesh sizes with alpha 
System Layer pants and T-Shirts
cuffs and zipper add-ons included. 

Steven 6

As with most of the mens wear at V-Twins, these pieces can be mixed with other outfits as well for some creative looks.

Nolan wears an Avi from Tellaq and he had no issues getting the  standard mesh to fit.  His Skin is also from Tellaq called JJDAEF . Harry

It comes with 15 different skin tones and hair bases. 

Steven 2

His boots are from Shoenique  called  SD - Biker Mens Boots.

He has gorgeous green eyes I could stare into all day ,also from Tellaq. 

Steven 5

Thats all for now... I need to find a sham-wow after all this drooling!

Hope your humpday is going as well as mine is ;)





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Thursday Blues.. and greens and purples!

Hey everyone :) It's my day to groove to soem blues so i figured why not show you where I hang!


Stop in evenings for some fun! Mama Fiery Otaared  owns and keeps this little piece of heaven open for all to wander and enjoy. Wander the beautiful sim and enjoy just respect the privacy of the residents. There is even an underwater haven for mer folks :) Tell them Tisa sent you !

You can find it here... Dream/68/20/24


And now for some more V-Twins fashion!

Today I chose V-Twins - High Spirited Color Version

High Spirited 3

This outfit came out in the beginning of 2017 Its one of my faves this year so far.

Pants come in Brown , Blue ,Green and Purple Both system Layers and Omega appliers for mesh bodies

High Spirited 4
Top comes in sizes for Curvy & Fine , Hourglass & Physique , Ebody , Freya , Isis , Venus, Maitreya , TMP and 5 Standard Mesh layers with alpha.
Hud for top contains 2 textures each of Black , Brown, Green and Purple.
But you can mix your own on the color wheel as well


Look how crisp those collar corners are!

High Spirited 2

And the detail in the pants is just awesome!

High Spirited 1

I Paired it with V-Twins Bootleggerz - Rome ( newest release)

They come in 3 different packages. 
Black/Brown version
Pink / White Version 
and a fat pack contianing 16 preset colors!

And as always a color wheel to make your own :)

Heres a sample of the colors in the fatpack.

Rome 1

It is endless when you look at how many tints you can make yourself!

So thats it!

Wander the Wharf and see the sites then hop over to V-Twins for some great deals!

High Spirited 6

See you Soon!!





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V-Twins has a new outfit! Oh Happy Day!!

Hi everyone! V-Twins put out a new outfit called Sweet Treat and its too cute!

It was so cute in fact that i got 2 versions and can't wait to show you!

So lets get started!

sweet treet 1

Its almost the end of summer but luckily summer never has to end in SL so you can get alot of wear out of this one!

sweet treet 2


I wear a Maitreya body and the fit is just perfect for me. No alpha spots needed , no bleed through with movement.

sweet treet3

 Everything fits just fine for me.


It comes with a cute bustier top and short shorts.Top Comes in sizes for Maitreya , Freya, Hourglass, Isis , Physique , Venus
The Color Hud includes 8 colors for the color version 
and basic Black and 7 patch styles for the Biker Version

I have always been a sucker for strings and ties and this top doesn't disappoint there!


sweet treet4

Shorts Comes in sizes for Curvy , Fine,  Freya, HG , Isis , Maitreya , Ocacin , Physique , TMP , Venus , and 5 Standard Mesh sizes ( no alphas )
The Color Hud includes 8 colors for the color version & 2 metal choices for the buckle.
 The biker version has  basic Black and 7 patch styles for the Biker Version & 2 metal choices for the buckle.

I tried to get a few colors , plain black and patch styles to show you how crisp the detail is. 

sweet treet5

I'm barefootin around on the dock today and it looks great without shoes but would also be fantastic with some nice heels!

sweet treet6

I hope you like this one as much as I do!

For now I think I am off for a swim... it's hot today!


See you soon!! 



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Happy Fried day! ( friday )

The weekend is  finally here again! And so is a brand new, very sexy V-Twins outfit!

This time I have wandered over to A&A's Hogs & Hotrods sim!

This is great sim to go riding on , shop at or just hang out!

aa aa

Biker sim , home of Snake Eyez Motorcycles , open to all , rez your own , or borrow one here , race track on second level , trailer and shop rentals available.$10L Ad Boards for rent!

You can find it here .. Ohana/104/144/23

Lots of open road for riding or driving! Be sure to check it out.

Now for the new outfit!

V-Twins - Dark Youth is a sexy corset dress that comes with stockings. 

Dark Youth 5

It comes in sizes for Curvy , Fine , eBody, Freya , Isis , Hourglass , Physique, Maitreya , Ocacin , Tmp , Venus and 5 standard mesh sizes!

Dark Youth6

It also includes an Omega Stocking applier, and let me tell you, these stockings are hot! Seam up the back, delicate lacey look and a lace garter top. 


This is probably one of my most favorite outfits in quite some time!

Out on the prowl, or home just looking good for your mate this outfits  got it all.

Check out the detail on the front.

Dark Youth 2

The Hud comes with 8 colors in 2 skin tones, and 8 patched versions as well. I will add a variety of photos for you to see just a few,


I paired it with the V-Twins Bootleggerz - Rome heels from earlier.

Snapshot_007.thumb.png.529a387de4c5db5ff674b99da9203bc6.png Snapshot_006.thumb.png.8e76fca23be452e2e9bfc72cff098aed.png

They look sexy as hell with it! Check out the detail.

So thats it.. grab this outfit and shoes, and make them all drool  wherever you wear it!

Happy Weekend!!!

Bottoms up!

Dark Youth 1



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It's Friday!!

The guys have been hard at work on something realllly special. I can't let you in on what yet but I promise you will love it!

So this episode of Where is etisa now? I thought I would drag you over to Dystopia! 

This is  a very cool Post Apocalyptic sim. Perfect for RP , or just hanging out and taking pics! ( like me!! )

road thug2

Dystopia has a Flick page you can check out @
and its billed as 
Climate Fiction / Post Apocalypse / MODERATE
Apocalyptic, future, concept, wasteland, slums, scuba, adventure, role play, dystopian, survival, urban, city. 

You can visit it here :) Serendipity/152/27/40

Road Thug 3

V-Twins newest release  Road Thug looked great for this sim so I got dressed and headed right over!

These leathers are sexy , very detailed and tough. What more could you want?

Road Thug 5

This Outfit comes with 
Jacket in sizes for Matireya , Ocacin , Physique , TMP , Venus , and 5 standard Mesh sizes
Leggings come in Sizes for Freya , Hourglass, Isis, Maitreya , Physique , Venus  with removeable leg tassels in Black or Brown
Skirt comes in sizes for   Maitreya , Belleza ,Curvy , Fine , Ebody , Freya , Isis, Slink Hourglass & Physique, Venus , Tmp , and 5 standard mesh sizes as well.

Road Thug 4
Shoes come in sizes for Maitreya , Belleze , & Slink and come in Black or Brown

The Shoes are amazing!, They can be worn with other leathers, a sexy dress , or even casual with Jeans!

Road Thug 6

And look at the detail on this jacket!

I swear the guys are really outdoing themselves lately!

Since they  paired it with shoes and all the hard work was done for me. 

Splashed on a little lipstick , fluffed the hair and I was all set!

Road Thug 7

This Hair is from Q?Q . I found in Marketplace. I love the flexi curls! you can find their MP Store here

Thats it for now BUT I could end up back later today you never know!

Hugs for now, see you soon!!

road thug 1





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A Lazy Sunday Morning

Hi guys! Last night I spent my time at a great Blues Fest in Peoria Illinois so I am lazy today. Bear with me :)

I dont have a sim to tell you about really today but I did take these pics at one called Black Kite.

Its very uniquely decorated with a few gacha items for sale.

You can find it here if you like Kite/102/90/22

ranger 2

So now onto business!

Todays outfit I am wearing is the newest release from V-twins.

V-Twins Ranger - Blue

This is another great summer outfit that would easily be mix and matched with others for more great looks.

The Top comes in sizes for Freya, Hourglass, Physique , Isis, Maitreya , & Venus

ranger 3

The Hud for the top has lots of great textures. 13 Solid colors and 14 patterns ! 

The Pants come in  2 versions, one for normal and one for flat/barefeet  in sizes for Freya , Hourglass, Isis, Maitreya , Physique, & Venus.

ranger 4

Its Hud also has lots of options!  3 shades of blue in patched or non patched versions  and the option to color the high waist top for a great 2 tone look!

There is also a Hud for the belts. Black , Brown or white with gold or silver buckles.

ranger 5

So lots of options with this one! And as always the color wheel to make even more!

I didn't wear shoes.... Those of you who know me thats pretty common though :)

That's all for now but for even more great pics of this outfit be sure to check out Lynn Zelins page too! 

Thats all for now!


ranger 1


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Thursday Throwback

Hi again It's me!

Today I have an older V-Twins outfit to show you. It's called V-Twins - Obsession ( Lone Wolf Edition). Compete with system layers AND Omega appliers , it's a great outfit!


This one comes with 2 tops and a Jacket, and leather pants.

Lots of options with this. 


Omega Appliers included for both tops and Jacket and for pants also. System layers for older avatars also included. 

You may remember this one,

It was a hot seller when it originally came out!

Look how well the patching and fit! These pants fit like a glove!


I paired it with V-Twins Bootleggerz - Portland boots. 

They are older ones too however while wearing my maitreya body all i had to do was alpha my feet and they fit perfect!

Maybe some hottie will come rescue me in this outfit ;)


Oh and before i forget, if you are a group member of Truth Hair , I am wearing Septembers group gift hair!

Truth now adds style huds so you can change it up in several ways. I am using the wispy option.


So be sure to phone a friend and get this one!


Thats all for today but be sure to watch for more soon!





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Friday Re-Release

Yesterday afternoon we got a new Re-Release after I had posted so I saved it for today! 

You may have seen this already because Lynn did a wonderful Blogs about it!

You can see Lynns here -

I went Sim wandering again and wandered right into Deep South Choppers Main Store. This is a beautiful Sim with nice roads to cruise! I really enjoyed checking it out.

You can visit it here : River/31/101/26

Italy 1


So our Re-Release is V-Twins - Italy.  An old outfit newly made and now with Omega appliers. So if it was an old favorite  you can wear again on your mesh body!

Italy  2

This sexy number comes with System layers and Omega Appliers for 2 Harness tops, bikini Thong, & leather pants.

It looks great worn alone without the pants or equally hot with them!

Italy 6


The Harness and thong are very sexy. Lay out or spend some "special" time with a special someone ;) They won't be able to resist!

Italy 3

And the pants are sexy too! Look at this fit! they hug your curves in all the right places.

Italy 4


I paired it with the V-Twins Bootleggerz - Augusta Black shoes.

These shoes go so well with jeans and leathers. They have a dressy or casual look and never bleed through my jeans.

Check out how cute they are!


Thats it for now but I bet I pop in again soon!

See you soon!


Italy 7



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Sunday Double Blog! V-Twins - First Responder for women & V-Twins - Double Trouble  Plain for Men!

Hi everyone! It has been a busy week!

V-Twins has moved into our new home and for the most part settled in.

If you haven't seen it yet be sure to pop over.

You can reach it here :

And remember not only is it a great new store for us it also has Lots of roads to ride!

And Now On to the new outfits :)

Last week V-Twins released a Womens outfit called First Responder

First Responder 1 First Responder2



This ones so cute. The top can be worn with many other outfits both casual or dressy and the shorts are super cute with great colors !

First Responder 3

Tops come in sizes for Curvy, EBody , Fine, HourGlass, Physique, Maitreya, Isis , TMP , Venus & 5 Standard sizes

First Responder 4
Hud has 8 color options
Shorts come in sizes for Freya , HourGlass, Isis , Maitreya , Physique , & Venus
Hud has 4 tones each of Black , Brown  & Blue, 2 each of Pink & White ( also the color wheel option is avable to add your own 

First Responder 5

I paired it with V-Twins Cowgirl Boots  * Mesh* Black for a casual sassy look ;)

As always I wear the Maitreya Body and although I have a mesh head... this is my own :) 

my Skin is from LAQ - Nelly - cocoa tone.



And fresh off the press today is a Brand Spankin new Mens outfit named Double Trouble  Plain!


Here we Have my good friend Nolan is Modeling for us again

Double Trouble

This Leather outfit has quite a few sizes for Mens mesh bodies!

Tops comes in sizes for Adam, Aesthetic , David , Jake , signature , Slink, Tmp and 5 Standard mesh sizes

Double Trouble 3
HUD for Shirt has 16 colors
Pants come in 5 Standard Mesh sizes and include an Alpha

Now Nolan's body is not mesh but he looks great anyways ;) shhh don't tell him I said that cause he will get a big head  !

Double Trouble5


His skin is from Tellaq. It is JJDAEF SKIN STYLE 9 (Hairy) TELLAQ (2014ver)

And his Eyes are BlueBeam Eyes also from Tellaq.

Double Trouble 5


They have great Skins and full avatars so be sure to check them out!

You can visit them here : Skins/119/126/24


So thats it for today!

Thanks for hanging out with Nolan and I for a bit. Hope to see you again soon!


Nolan and me

etisa & Nolan




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Wednesday Blues? Get ThunderStruck!

Hi everyone! Happy Humpday!

What better way to get through your wednesday blues than to see a reworked favorite??

For the Big V-twins move we have brought back an old favorite. THUNDER STRUCK! ( que AC/DC here please)

ThunderStruck 1

If you have not visited the new store yet, please do!


Brighter, easier to manuever and lots of room to ride! It is a great improvement for sure.

I ran off with Nolan to show you this newly revamped favorite :)

Nolans just eye candy today but i hope you enjoy!

ThunderStruck 2

ThunderStruck 2017 Is an improved mesh version complete with Omega Applier;

I am showing the Plain Version today

This one comes with an Omega applier for the denim bra, Vest and Skirt both in Mesh.

ThunderStruck 3

Even the back has lots of detail! From the stitching to the silver embellishments!


5 Standard sizes for each but I am wearing a Maitreya body and the small fits me perfect!

It alos contains the bra in system layers as well.

ThunderStruck 4

The Skirt Hud has 8 colors, along with 8 colors for the straps and belt as well. And as always our color wheel!

I paired it with the Deperado used Leather boots.

ThunderStruck 6

We hope you like this one as much as we do!






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It's Thursday and Have we got a treat for you!!


V-Twins has a brand new boot out today for women called V-Twins Bootleggerz - Payton!

This Boot is ankle height and can be worn with jeans or shorts and Skirts. Nice Casual in many color options if you purchase the fat pack.

Payton 1


Comes in sizes for Maitreya, Slink and a Standard Mesh size as well
3 Versions Available
Black& Brown $149 L
Pink & White $149 L
Fat Pack Only $249!!
Fat Pack contains a color hud with 24 color options and the color wheel to tint them your

own colors as well



Shown with V-Twins outfit -  Infamous Biker

Infamous Biker
Comes in Sizes for Freya, Hourglass, Physique . Isis, Maitreya , Venus and 5 Standard Mesh Sizes. Also Includes Alphas for system bodies.
2 Huds Included One for Slink and one for everyone else :)
Hud includes  options for the Jacket , Arms, and Shorts  with 8 plain or Patched options each

Payton 3


Hair is from No_Match - Daiquiri. Black Pack
This hair is Unisex and comes with Male and Female sizes, a color Hud for Black tones and an accessorie Hud for the beads, glasses, metals and feathers.
It also Includes hairbases to match each Hair color.

Body is Maitreya

Payton 4

Watch for more great V-Twins Items soon!



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V-Twins Wild Cat rawr ;)


It's me again! Excited aren't you ;)

Today I am here to fill you in the latest V-Twins outfit called WildCat

WildCat 1

I waited a bit for this one because Lynn, Raven and a few others have already posted such great blogs! you can see thiers here :

Lynn :

and Ravens is here

And now for mine!

WildCat 2

I Blogged a new Halloween edition Bike yesterday from Gators MC World Wide Sim and Halloween Maze. They really did an incredible job so I thought i would revisit and add more of the Maze here!

WildCat3Special thanks goes out to oOo Soda Hunt oOo (Solde Rothmanay) & 
Mαχ Hunt (MaxwellHunt Resident) for giving me a tour and welcoming me in to do my blog :) The Sim is Home to the Gators MC! A short but sweet timed track through the swamps and mountains and a fun bunch of people that love to ride bikes! And their amazing Halloween event is open until November 5th so be sure to go take part! You will not regret it I promise :) You can visit them here : Idris/32/66/23

Tell them etisa sent you :)

Now On to the outfit...

WildCat 4

V-Twins Wildcat is the newest release. And the Harness and patched pants make it unique and fun! I really had a blast playing with the color wheel and  making this one fit the halloween theme.

WildCat 5

Top comes in sizes for  Freya , HourGlass, Physique ,Venus . Isis , Maitreya , & Jomo
Hud for the top has 8 colors and the color wheel ( I made orange for halloween! )

WildCat 6
Harness  comes in Sizes for Freya. HourGlass , Isis, JomoMaitreya , Physique & Venus
There are 2  Harness Huds included. One for the mid section and one for the rest. They both contain a black and a white version. It looks cool if you mix them but I used just black

WildCat 7
The Pants are Omega Appliers and come in plain or patched, I have on the patched version.

I paired this one with the V-Twins Bootleggerz Payton Boots from earlier. They go great together.

WildCat 8

I wear a Maitreya Body and I am still rsisting a mesh head even though i finally caved and bought one... More on that later.

my Hair is no.match_ ~ NO_ICETEA ~ Pack of BLACKS.

It has a great accessory Hud to change the beads etc.

My Skin as always is from LAQ - Nelly Cocoa Glow.

WildCat 9

I went a little Overboard with pics today but the Maze is so cool I couldnt help it!

So for now I shall release you from my magical hold  * coughs*

I have a hot date waiting ;)

WildCat 10

Happy Tuesday and see you soon!!




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V-Twins Eye Candy, Color & Halloween 20117 editions!

Happy Saturday! Hopefully everyone made it through Friday the 13th and are now ready to begin the ever so spooky Halloween season!

V-Twins put out a great new outfit yesterday in several Versions, Including a color and a Halloween version that I will be showing you today :)

Eye Candy

Eye Candy Color 1 Eye Candy Color2
The Color Versions has
Bra in sizes for Maitreya , Freya , Hourglass, Physique, Isis, Venus , Werewolf
Hud for Bra comes with 8 colors

Eye Candy Color3 Eye Candy Color4
Dress in sizes for Freya , Isis, Werewolf, Maitreya , Hourglass and Physique
Hud for Dress comes with  8 colors & 8 patterns
Thong in Sizes for  Freya , Isis, Werewolf, Maitreya , Hourglass and Physique
Hud for Thong comes with  8 colors

Eye Candy Color5 Eye Candy Color6
And all pieces can be tinted your own colors with the color wheel!

I included a few to show you but there are sooo many great opstions in this one I would have taken all day to show you all of them.


Eye Candy Halloween 

And the Halloween Version has
Bra in sizes for Maitreya , Freya , Hourglass, Physique, Isis, Venus , Werewolf
Hud for Bra comes with 8 color/patterns 

Eye Candy Halloween2
Dress in sizes for Freya , Isis, Werewolf, Maitreya , Hourglass and Physique
Hud for Dress comes with  16 pattern Textures
Thong in Sizes for  Freya , Isis, Werewolf, Maitreya , Hourglass and Physique
Hud for Thong comes with  8 colors / patterns

You cna even wear the Bra & Thong together for a super sexy Halloween treat!

Eye Candy Halloween 7

It also comes with Omega Appliers with a great Halloween Tattoo!!

Eye Candy Halloween4
and The Witch hat also has a hud! 
It contains  16 colors / patterns

Eye Candy Halloween5


I paired both versions with V-Twins Bootleggerz - Saint-Tropez Plain [Slink Feet System] Boots. These are older V-Twins boots but I still love them and use them often.


V-Twins Bootleggerz - Saint-Tropez Plain


So thats it for now, I hope you enjoy the new outfit and play around with the textures and pieces . Take some photos and show us! We have a Gallery on the webpage just for YOUR pics!

You can find it here :

Look foreward to seeing them!



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I am a little Slow getting to this one but V-Twins has a fantastic outfit out called Mindset!

I am quickly showing 2 versions today. The Color Version and the Biker Version.


No Sim to share today But i think you will love this sexy outfit and the boots that come with it!



Mindset 1
Comes in sizes for Matireya , Freya , Isis , Hourglass, Physique, TMP , Venus
Top Hud - Color Verion has 8 colors
Biker version has 4 versions each of black & brown, patched or plain

Mindset 3

STrap Hud - Color Version has 8 colors
 Biker version has  8 colors also

Mindset 2


Skirt Hud  Black & Brown Patched or Plain ( Patched version
Color Version has 2 versions each of Black or Brown


Boots Hud - Black & Brown 


Hair is from EXXCESS - ZMEY A

Mindset5 Mindset 8

Great fit on my Maitreya body, no holes in any movements i did.

Hope you enjoy!!



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These Girls are on Fire!  featuring V-twins- Enigma!

Hi everyone! V-Twins has a brand new outfit called  Enigma out!

Its sexy , sassy ,and just plain hotness in a box!  Ok maybe a folder... but you get the drift.

V=Twins - Enigma 1 V=Twins - Enigma 2

So I am modeling the Enigma Color version today and since it was girls night out, I brought along my friends in some of their favorite V-Twins clothes too! 

V=Twins - Enigma 3

Enigma has some beautiful colors and I will be showing just a few of the many color combo's you can make!

This outfit comes with a top and skirt. Both of which have the color hud.

V=Twins - Enigma 4

The Top hud has 8 colors
and comes in sizes for Freya , Isis , Maitreya , Slink & TMP

The Skirt Hud has 8 colors
And comes in sizes for Freya , Isis , Maitreya , Slink Hourglass  & Physique ,TMP & Venus,

I am modeling in the Maitreya lara body.

V=Twins - Enigma 5


Nali is wearing a recent release called V-Twins Mindset. There are earlier Blogs about it so i won't go into alot but she used the Belleza Venus body and you can see it fits her great!

V=Twins - Enigma 6


Garnet Manx is also along for a night of havoc raising and harassing the masses.... She brought along a couple outfits . One is a vintage V-twins outfit called Charisma 9 red/white) and the other is a mix & match she put together, Pants are from V-Twins -Olivia Lone wolf , Jacket is from V-Twins0Van Leathers Biker- Canada Edition
Her shoes are V-Twins Bootleggerz - Black Pool Gothic


V=Twins - Enigma 7

Hope you have enjoyed these , and be sure to drop into the Main Store and pick Enigma today!

Til next time...


V=Twins - Enigma 8




V-Twins Enigma 013.png

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      A brand new Bike is out and ready for you to take home!
      HighWay Star the Halloween 2017 edition is out! This classic bike has been revamped for the holidays with 10 Paint Textures to choose through . and we think you will love it! Like all the other V-Twins Bikes , this one rides smooth, has an easy to work menu and tons of detail! It Comes with both a Male and Female version Included and is Priced at Only $1299!
      I took it for a test ride over at the Gators MC World Wide Sim. ( Home to the Gators MC! A short but sweet timed track through the swamps and mountains and a fun bunch of people that love to ride bikes!  
      Also the mainstore location for Hogs & Cart Wheels...Bikes, Cars and More! )
      They have an awesome Halloween maze that will be open until Nov 5 so please be sure to check them out! You can visit them  at : Idris/32/66/22
      oOo Soda Hunt oOo (Solde Rothmanay) & Her Hubby Mαχ Hunt (MaxwellHunt Resident) were kind enough to give me a tour of the Sim. 

      It has beautiful track to ride and the Halloween Maze is.. well .. A-MAZE-Ing!! I am going back for seconds
      Here are a few pics of the sim AND the New Bike!  Enjoy!!


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