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'Interview with Krise Shepherd'

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twain orfan off and on RL has added a photo to the pool:

'Interview with Krise Shepherd'

sim: Black Bayou Lake
taxi: maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Gainesville/145/204/21

Krise: 'Hey there man .... '
Twain: [turns around ..]
Twain: 'Who ? .. Me?'
Krise: [Waves his fingers]
Krise: Yes, you man ...
Krise: C'mon over ..
Krise: .. don't be afraid man !
Twain: [slowly walks over]
Krise: Aren't you the guy ....
Krise: ..that takes photos of
Krise: ..'things' ?
Twain: .. yeh .. kind'a ..
Twain: Not many new sims
Twain: .. with 'things' lately.
Twain: What's ya smoking ?
Twain: Are you vaping ?
Krise: [laughs] ..No man ..
Krise: This is my Swisher Sweets Little Cigar !
Twain: Oh .. um .. what flavor?
Krise: Cherry. What a puff ?
Twain: Naw ..
Krise: So what are you doing down here at the old Black Bayou Lake ?
Twain: [shrugs] ..
Twain: Looking for 'something'
Krise: [smiles] ..
Krise: You could take a photo of me .. or this pretty woman next to me ?
Twain: [Looks over to the woman]
Twain: Oh .. yeh .. she's famous on flickr !
Krise: So .. go for it !
Twain: Hm? Her legs are in the Dock up to her knees ?
Krise: [nods] ..Yeh .. she must be blogging her sweater ?
Twain: How's about a photo of you? We could blog your, um ..
Twain: .. the , uh , .. tats on your fingers !
Krise: Yeh man ! Sounds good to me !
Krise: Aren't you known for doing 'shadow work' too ?
Twain: [shrugs] .. sometimes.
Krise: Can you get some shadows on me man ?
Twain: I can try .... ?
Twain: Okay .. smile a little bit.
Twain: Okay .. bring your fingers out with the tats ... and .. hold it !
Krise: Did you get it ?
Twain: I dun'no ? Have to take the photo back to my crummy studio and have a look.
Krise: Nice meeting you man.
Twain: You too !
Twain: Do you have a flickr account ?
Krise: Yes. Don't you follow me?
Twain: Hm ? Not really ? ....
Krise: Bummer ! .. Leave me man !
Twain: I understand ....
Krise: [lays back in deep thought]


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