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SideWynder Series

The SideWynder  Bike Series has 7 Versions available for Purchase


Each Bike Box contains both a Male and Female Version ( except for Babygirl version which has female only)  along with Note card and Photos for Menu control description and Help Guides. 


They are easy to ride & control with many options, a Menu to help customize options and more!

You can try out a Demo at our sim! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Gianno/200/231/52


SideWynder Babygirlz

SideWynder Babygirlz1  SideWynder Babygirlz2


SideWynder Skull

SideWynder Skull 1  SideWynder Skull 2


SideWynder Lone Wolf

SideWynder Lone Wolf  SideWynder Lone Wolf 2


SideWynder Easy Rider

SideWynder Easy Rider  SideWynder Easy Rider 2

SideWynder Capt America

SideWynder Capt America 1  SideWynder Capt America 2

SideWynder Born To Ride

SideWynder Born To Ride 1  SideWynder Born to Ride 2


SideWynder Black


SideWynder Black 1  SideWynder Black 2


These Photos were taken at Star Riders
 Miles of original roads, stunning scenery, motorcycle riding track. Family, kid, and MC friendly, lots to see, do and explore. 
You can visit them here : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/StarRiders/112/44/25

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