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Store Name:    The Code 5

InWorld Store Location:    Marketplace Only

Designer or Owners (s):KellyLingus Resident

Product Categories:    Accessories, Jewelry , 



Marketplace Link:


           Make yourself happy with a few small steps...



Code 5

Code 5

Code 5

Code 5

Code 5

Code 5





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    • By etisa
      Store Name:    Van Luck! 
      InWorld Store Location: Point/172/61/23
      Designer or Owners (s):    고양이 Kaiya (lacocinelle Resident)
      Product Categories:   Hair, Mesh Head , Kimono, accessories
      Marketplace Link:
      Summary:  Small store with hair, Cultural items, Mesh head and Gachas.

    • By etisa
      Halloween HighWay Star 2017 is here!
      A brand new Bike is out and ready for you to take home!
      HighWay Star the Halloween 2017 edition is out! This classic bike has been revamped for the holidays with 10 Paint Textures to choose through . and we think you will love it! Like all the other V-Twins Bikes , this one rides smooth, has an easy to work menu and tons of detail! It Comes with both a Male and Female version Included and is Priced at Only $1299!
      I took it for a test ride over at the Gators MC World Wide Sim. ( Home to the Gators MC! A short but sweet timed track through the swamps and mountains and a fun bunch of people that love to ride bikes!  
      Also the mainstore location for Hogs & Cart Wheels...Bikes, Cars and More! )
      They have an awesome Halloween maze that will be open until Nov 5 so please be sure to check them out! You can visit them  at : Idris/32/66/22
      oOo Soda Hunt oOo (Solde Rothmanay) & Her Hubby Mαχ Hunt (MaxwellHunt Resident) were kind enough to give me a tour of the Sim. 

      It has beautiful track to ride and the Halloween Maze is.. well .. A-MAZE-Ing!! I am going back for seconds
      Here are a few pics of the sim AND the New Bike!  Enjoy!!


    • By etisa
      Easy Ryder Bike Series
      The Easy Ryder  Bike Series has 2 Versions available for Purchase.
      Each Bike Box contains both a Male and Female Version along with Note card and Photos for Menu cotrol description and Help Guides. 
      They are easy to ride & control with many options, a Menu to help customize options and more!
      You can try out a Demo at our sim!
      Lets Start with the Captain American version,
      A great Chopper with a real Patriotic feel!
      And there is also the Billy Version. A great Classic bike!

      These Photos were taken at The Death Valley MC on the Twilight Sim
       This is a beautiful sim with awesome roads to ride!
      You can visit them here : Ruins/121/188/477
    • By etisa
      Store Name:    Prim Possible
      InWorld Store Location: Prim/111/111/112
      Designer or Owners (s):    Ample Clarity
      Product Categories:    Furniture, animations, Texture Change , Low Prim , Mesh
      Marketplace Link:
      Summary:    2,000+ Five Star Ratings On Marketplace. The Lowest Prim In SL-New Designs Feb 2017! Everything has a texture changer & 1000s of anims. By low prim, we mean 1 prim! Prim Possible has 1 prim furniture for every room that can fill a house in under 10 prims.