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Amigo Uriza

V-Twins - Gift Cards

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A gift card is system that you can use to buy outfits in pre pay mode. That means that first you pay for the card and later you can use it to acquire your products.


If you buy a V-Twins Gift Card L$199, for example, this will let you pay an outfit that cost L$199 in our shop. 

However, Gift Cards are specially useful to give someone as a gift. This way, the person can buy our clothes and pick up the ones that he/she really likes and not the ones you may choose. 
Our clothes are no copyable, this means that, even if you buy them, you can't not transfer or give them to your friend. 


Gift Cards at V-Twins can have these values:


  • L$99
  • L$199
  • L$299
  • L$399
  • L$499
  • L$999


You can buy gift cards in our Main Store or on the marketplace. 

V-Twins Main Store in Second Life (  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sinnersville/26/77/24  )









***   Discounted or Promos CAN NOT be used with gift cards.  **** 

***  Shoes & Boots can't be purchased using a gift card either. ****

  • New Releases ( because they already have a 50% off )
  • FAT PACKS  ( because they already have a 30% off)
  • Outlet Store items ( because they have up to a 80% off )



How To use a Gift Card


  • Wear the Gift Card as a hud. 

casper L$199 sponsored.jpg


  • Click on any item in the store. The picture should be displayed on the card.
  • Use the button "buy now" on the card.



2016 gift card instructions.jpg




If you used your gift card, but did not receive the item ... Wait 10 minutes at least, give the system some time to work. 
Contact Amigo Uriza through IM if you do not receive any item after 10 minutes or if you decline the inventory offer for mistake.  Or click on the item and try to get a redeliver ( sometimes it works )






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