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Amigo Uriza

V-Twins Main Store - Moved to Gianno

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Gianno will be V-Twins Main Store Region from today, september twenty first of 2017.




It's a bittersweet feeling to tell you that we have decided to move our Main Store to another location.  Since we want to stay in Second Life and keep releasing quality items, we really need to reduce our land cost to something we can handle better: less land & cheaper.   That's why we have decided to move to a new location ( a very nice location ) in the adult continent. 

In case someone might wonder, money has not been the only priority or cause of this move but long term costs associated with private estate payments. 

We honestly think we can handle more quality in a smaller plot of land and we wanted that the land could be ours so we would never depend on 3rd parties. Mainland became the natural option. But since Mainland has a terrible reputation we needed to move somewhere we could have nice views and protected land from all sides. Gianno gave us that option and it was a very expensive purchase, however we honestly think it was worth.  What we really want to point out is that "don't worry, everything is ok. We are not leaving SL. We plan to stay in Second Life as much as we can." :)


The new Store is more compact and condensed in a smaller plot of land. We have made more changes.


  • We have add only the best collection to individual vendors
  • The rest of collections can be purchased in group vendors.
  • We have the Outlet Store and the Male Store in the same building. 
  • We have updated all the Marketplace content with product and prices
  • We have created demo huds for all our main collections that customers can take by clicking the board.
  • We have created a marketplace item with all the demos updated: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/V-Twins-Demo-Pack-Versions-Male-Female-14-Huds-ALL-DEMOS/12718544
  • We have the Bike Store in the same region as before and we also have roads to test them.



New Store Gianno - Adult Continent#1.jpg New Store Gianno - Adult Continent#2.jpg New Store Gianno - Adult Continent#3.jpg New Store Gianno - Adult Continent#4.jpg



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