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Lynn Zelin

Overthrow Biker

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Vtwin Overthrow Biker

Throw this outfit on and jump on the bike and go riding. Hang out in your favorite clubs. Comes in several sizes for many different mesh bodies. I am wearing the Maitreya mesh body.   Hud to change to black or brown. Plain or Patched.  The boots are VTwins Bound.  The Bike is VTwins Racy Rider. Comes with HUDs and all you need for riding that favorite track or anywhere you decide to go riding.  Let the wind run through your hair. Drop in and pick yours up today. 



Overthrow Biker_001.png

Overthrow Biker2_001.png

Overthrow Biker3_001.png

Overthrow Biker4_001.png

Overthrow Biker5_001.png

Overthrow Biker6_001.png

Overthrow Biker7_001.png

Overthrow Biker8_001.png

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