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  1. LilliSue Resident

    Lost City : Latex Novice B

    Latex Novice B dress at V-Twins Store & Lost City Store. sexy latex dress with a big view at your back ✔ Dress **fitMESH 6 Sizes (Maitreya, Belleza & Slink) ✔ Omega Appliers Thong ( 9 colors ) ✔ Omega Appliers Stockings ( 9 colors ) ✔ Hud for the Dress ( 2 styles of dress) 8 colors Latex Novice B Marketplace inworld Mainstore my metablogger my Flicker
  2. LilliSue Resident

    V-Twins - Divine

    sometimes every woman wanna be divine now with V-twins she could be : DIVINE sexy leather outfit with a special view at the pants Versions available: Biker Standard Sizes Available: No Fitted mesh: yes Maitreya: yes Slink: yes Belleza: no TMP: no Tonic: no Eve: no Omega Appliers: no Divine at Marketplace inworld Mainstore my Flicker
  3. LilliSue Resident

    Dark Wanderer

    NEWS at V-Twins!!! Dark Wanderer is the first outfit of the new Gothic line that will be available at V-Twins Outfit includes: coat, bra, thong, boots & sunglasses with different options in hud. Demo at V-Twins The Product Folder Contains: ✔ Coat **fitMESH 3 Sizes (Maitreya & Slink) ✔ Outfit **fitMESH 3 Sizes (Maitreya & Slink) ✔ Boots **fitMESH 3 Sizes (Maitreya & Slink) ✔ Glasses **MESH The Hud Options: ✔ Hud for the Coat ( 2 black options) ✔ Hud for the Outfit (Bra & thong) 2 blacks, 2 reds & brown ✔ Hud for the Boots 2 blacks, red & brown ✔ Hud for the Sunglasses 3 colors: black, red & brown marketplace ---------->>>>>>>>> (If you leave a review on the marketplace, you will receive the next gohtic release for FREE in the upcoming weeks) inworld Mainstore my metablogger my Flicker
  4. LilliSue Resident

    VTwins Bootleggerz Melrose s.jpg

  5. LilliSue Resident

    VTwins Bootleggerz Melrose .jpg

  6. LilliSue Resident

    Melrose heels

    NEW RELEASE on 29.April ! very nice leather Bootleggerz Melrose heels only for Maitreya, Slink and Belleza black/brown MP Fatpack MP i combinated this wonderful heel with the sexy outfit Revolt revolt color MP inworld Mainstore my Flicker
  7. LilliSue Resident

    VTwins Booteggerz Beverly l.jpg

  8. LilliSue Resident

    VTwins Bootleggerz Beverly b.jpg

  9. LilliSue Resident

    VTwins Bootleggerz Beverly.jpg

  10. LilliSue Resident

    Beverly goes wild west

    Special offer for the UP Event 01.-15.May UP-Event V-Twins Bootleggerz#Mesh Beverly with Color Hud in Black or Brown sexy soft leather overknees for Meshbodys : Freya, Isis Venus, Slink Hourglas, Slink Physique and Maitreya i love them ♥ after the Event you can get them at the inworld Mainstore inworld Mainstore my metablogger my Flicker
  11. LilliSue Resident

    Sledgehammer cd.jpg


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