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  1. THIS IS A SCHEDULED EVENT Jan 21, 06:00 - 15:00 PST Jan 16, 10:49 PST Scheduled - Concierge Chat Support and Concierge and Billing Phone Support will be unavailable on Monday, January 21st. Ticket submissions will still be available at this time. Read full information
  2. The RSS Bot


    Legolas Baxton has added a photo to the pool: CEPASA - Waves filter.play + texture + wl View the full article
  3. The RSS Bot

    Is it Summer yet?

    AGodenot has added a photo to the pool: sldesignnotebook.blogspot.com/2019/01/is-it-summer-yet.html View the full article
  4. flubs ♥ has added a photo to the pool: View the full article
  5. The RSS Bot

    7 rings

    scenequeenmelody. has added a photo to the pool: www.gingergeneration.it/n/ariana-grande-testo-7-rings-342... CREDITS: Head: CATWA - Sofia Skin: TRES BEAU Hair: RAMA.SALON - Negin Hair at @Equal10 Coat: SABOTAGE Top: TETRA Pant: PSEUDO Bag: CLOE - Launch Box Boots: BUERI TAXI for Equal10: maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/equal10/150/127/89 View the full article
  6. The RSS Bot

    Dinner. (Friends)

    Ⓚ Ⓐ Ⓢ Ⓗ Ⓛ Ⓞ Ⓥ Ⓔ has added a photo to the pool: View the full article
  7. The RSS Bot

    The Emerald Lady at sea

    em the avatar has added a photo to the pool: Finally took her out into the Blake Seas...open and smooth as glass, as far as I can see. Visit this location in Second Life View the full article
  8. The RSS Bot


    MAYUMI SUGARPLUM has added a photo to the pool: Past shot edited 2012 誘惑 Original here ↓ flic.kr/p/bo3BLP Tune ↓ www.instagram.com/spacedubwise SL ↓ www.facebook.com/mayumisugarplum View the full article
  9. Today's Second Life pic of the day is "And don't it feel good?" by Shyralei Nefekalum. Credits available here. To submit your image for Second Life Pic of the Day consideration, login to Second Life, snap some pics and add them to the Official Second Life Flickr Group. Be sure to check us out on social: Instagram Facebook Twitter Google+ Tumblr Pinterest Plurk View the full article
  10. The RSS Bot

    A way of life

    Elyjia has added a photo to the pool: maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hrodas%20Fen/125/154/22 View the full article
  11. vega_jess has added a photo to the pool: Head by Genus, Skin by ItGirls, Hair by Sintiklia, Eyes, nails, lipstick by Euphoric, Eyeshadows by L'Etre, Rings and facial jewelry by Avanti, Earrings by ChicChica View the full article
  12. The RSS Bot

    I'm A Slave 4 U

    Bren / TCK has added a photo to the pool: ʙʟᴏɢ ᴄʟᴏꜱᴇ-ᴜᴘ Facebook Twitter Instagram View the full article
  13. The RSS Bot


    Emma Trakarsky has added a photo to the pool: emmatrakarsky.blogspot.com/ View the full article
  14. The RSS Bot

    .last friday night.

    ŦʀᴜɪᴛĿooρ Ðiɴɢᴜs has added a photo to the pool: There's a stranger in my bed There's a pounding my head Glitter all over the room Pink flamingos in the pool I smell like a minibar DJ's passed out in the yard Barbie's on the barbecue This a hickey or a bruise? Pictures of last night Ended up online I'm screwed Oh well It's a blacked out blur But I'm pretty sure it ruled, damn Last Friday night Yeah we danced on tabletops And we took too many shots Think we kissed but I forgot This Friday night Do it all again What I'm Wearing: Outfit: Flite - BLAZED BABE - Crew Neck Plain & Panties @ The Epiphany Hair: ELIKATIRA - Lennie @ The Epiphany Tattoo: Dappa - Fenton @ TMD Eyebrows: Just Magnetized - Perfect Eyebrows @ Access What Natty is Wearing: Outift - Flite - BLAZED BABE - Crew Neck Pattern Pack & Panties @ The Epiphany Hair: Truth VIP GROUP GIFT - Joy Tattoo: Speakeasy - Introvert Decor: Backdrop - FOXCITY - Cozy Bedroom Wednesday - Girls and Roses - Guns and Roses @ The Epiphany Wednesday - Girls and Roses - Controllers @ The Epiphany Flite - BLAZED BABE - Rolling Tray RARE @ The Epiphany Flite - BLAZED BABE - DABUCCINO SET @ The Epiphany Pose: Focus Poses - Friends 111 - Comes with doughnuts & Coffee @ Cosmopolitian View the full article
  15. The RSS Bot

    Let your hair down....

    {{Timaaj}} has added a photo to the pool: www.youtube.com/watch?v=7gPD7kY1amE Featuring items from Sense Event maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/DreamsLand/168/125/1501 LRD Jumsuit Easton Freya KUNGLERS - Genesia necklace View the full article

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