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  1. V-Twins Slingshot! & V-Twins Bootleggerz - Bonneville Boots It's Beeen Awhile but here I am again! Like a bad penny I just keep turning up Today we have 2 of the newer releases for V-Twins. A brand new outfit named Slingshot... and a previous release the Bonneville Boots! I will keep it short and sweet today. The Slingshot outfit is a tiny sexy top, just enough to cover the bits and get you into the clubs, and sexy little skirt with a slit in the right places. Sizes for most Mesh bodies and a color hud for the top that includes 16 colors , and one for bottom that includes 16 colors also so you can mix and match colors Even some denims! The Skirt hud also includes 6 color options for the laces. The boots are V-twins new Bonnevilles! A nice color hud in the fat pack that enables you to match most every outfit you could want to! Options for the boot and the straps also. With sizes for most mesh bodies they are a sure fit I added in a necklace from Kosh. The Multiplex necklace I found in marketplace. It's become a favorite in my wardrobe So as always, Maitreya Lara Body, LAQ Nellie skin - cocoa LAQ Dazzling Hazel eyes Truth Kare Hair in greyscale Thats about it today.. Summers here and the suns shinning! get outside and enjoy! See you soon! MWAH ! etisa
  2. V_TWINS - Revolt New week New Outfit! This Weeks is Revolt! A cute little torn top and short skirt that comes in both biker and color editions! I will be showing the Biker Edition. It comes in Sizes for Curvy , Fine ,Freya ,HourGlass , Isis , Maitreya , Physique & Venus The Hud for the top has black and blue in plain & patched versions The Hud for skirt hud has black and blue in plain & patched versions. My Look : Maitreya Lara Body Hair is Truth March Group Gift - Blacks LAQ Nellie Skin LAQ Gaia Bento Head LAQ Dazzeling Mixed eyes Lashes and eye makeup by Gaeline Creations Well off to help Nolan on his Bike... see ya soon! MWAH! etisa
  3. V-TWINS 2 fer!! COLLATERAL AND V-TWINS BOOTLEGGERZ - CROSBY HEELS! An outfit AND shoes! oh happy Wednesday! V-Twins has 2 .. yes count them 2 new Releases this week! A sexy outfit called Collateral and sexy ( and dangerous , check out those spikes!) heels named Crosby! COLLATERAL Color or Biker editions Skirt has sizes for Maitreya , Curvy , Fine , Freya, Hourglass , Isis , Physique & Venus Top has sizes for Curvy , Fine , Freya , Hourglass, Isis , Maitreya , Physique & Venus Hud for the Skirt Hud for the Biker top has 8 patched / plain versions in Black or Blue for top and black or blue for collar. Hud for the Biker SKirt has 8 patched / Plain versions in Black or Blue Hud for Color edition top has 16 colors for top and collar Hud for color edition Skirt has 8 colors Omega appliers & tattoo for the biker version only V-Twins Bootleggerz - Crosby Heels Black / Brown version come in sizes for Belleza , Maitreya and Slink Photos taken at Paradise River Calfiornia RP Sim 1950s California town 50s and SciFi RP.. Shopping, rentals, Drive-In, diner, Sock Hop, Greasers, roller skating, bowling, beatniks, classic cars,airport, ,fire dept, police, Beauty Parlor, UFOs *Mama Allpa* You can visit here! Center/101/14/1504 My Look : Maitreya Lara Body Catwa Lamar Hair - Blacks LAQ Nellie Skin LAQ Gaia Bento Head LAQ Dazzeling Mixed eyes Lashes and eye makeup by Gaeline Creations
  4. V-Twins - Scrambled Hi everyone! I am a few days late getting this one out to you but V-Twins has a new outfit to get you in the Spring / Summer spirit! Scrambled is a pair of Shorts and a cute layered tank/crop top! It comes available In 2 versions. A Black or Blue Version. Shorts in Sizes for Freya , Fine , Hourglass, Maitreya, Physique, Venus , Isis Hud has 8 Patched / Plain Versions for both Blue and Black versions Top in Sizes for Curvy , Fine , Freya , Hourglass, Physique, Maitreya , Isis & Venus Top Hud has 8 Solid Colors , 8 Tye Dye , 8 Patched, and 16 combo colors Strap Hud has 8 colors. for both Blue and Black versions Tons of color choices, mix the tanks colors and crop designs for loads and loads of options! And these shorts are perfect to wear with any other tops you want tomatch them with too! I love the Blue Denims but the Blacks are great also. Pick up Both! You won't regret it In my wish for summer to be here I didn't pair this with any shoes. I am a barefoot kinda girl anyways But take a peek, I took Several shots so you could see how well it fits and moves with you. I am headed out for a week so See you when i return! MWAH etisa
  5. NEW V-Twins Hot off the Rack - V-Twins -Alchemist Biker Edition Friday brought us the weekend but it also brought us a brand spankin new outfit from V_Twins! V-Twins - Alchemist !! This one comes in both a biker edition and a color edition and I will be sharing the biker edition with you today. This Dress includes sizes for Maitreya , Freya , Hourglass , Isis , Physique & Venus Biker Dress Hud contains 8 plain/patched options Alot of cut patched options and a plain version as well! Shoes are for Maitreya , SLink, & Belleza Biker Shoe Hud contains black/brown options I can see these becoming a shoe favorite, they will match so many outfits! As usual here is me: Maitreya Lara Body LAQ Gaia Mesh Head IKON Hope Eyes- Industrial Exxess Hair - Prija- A Jewelry - Chaos , Panic & Disorder - *CPD* Biker Babe Thats it for today! See you soon! MWAH!! etisa
  6. V-TWINS NEW RELEASE: QUICKSAND Brand New Hot off the Rack! Today we have a cool pair of Jeans and a cute little tank with tons of options! There are 2 versions! A Black/White jeans version and a Blue Version. Each has its own huds with A Hud for top has 24 colors/patterns Plus the color Wheel to make your own tints! A Hud for Jeans has 6 colors/patches Sizes for Freya , Hourglass, Maitreya , Isis , Physique & Venus I paired this one with an Old favorite of mine V-Twins Bootleggerz - Augusta Black [Slink Feet System] As usual here is me: Maitreya Lara Body LAQ Gaia Mesh Head IKON Hope Eyes- Industrial TRUTH Hair - February 2018 Group Gift - Carla- Black Jewelry - *SnS Shell & Heart Necklace & EarthStones Triple Hippie Bracelet - Color Trip These Photos were taken at Arranmore : Photogenic coastal island,HP Lovecraft,creepy,vintage horror,wastelands,dystopian,haunted house,halloween,Silent Hill,Fallout,urban decay,stalker,survival horror,abandoned city,carnival,kids,neko,romantic public hangout,popular,photography,photos,roleplay You can visit them here! Until Next Time... MWAH!! etisa <3
  7. V-TWINS NEW RELEASE: SLAYER Biker & Color editions It's Here! A Brand new V-Twins release! A strappy sexy top and a cute skirt all with lacing tied up! Lets find out about it shall we? Lots of great Options with this one Hud for the top : Biker - 4 colors for Belt and Insert, 5 patched options Color Version - 8 colors each for Belt and Inserts Hud For the skirt : Biker - 4 options for each belt, straps and patches Color Version - 8 colors each for Straps and Belt So you can mix it up alot and get some great looks that are all your own! Comes in Sizes for Maitreya , Freya , Hourglass , Physique ,Isis , & Venus I Paired with both V-Twins Bootleggerz - Axel shoes & also shoes from the retired V-Twins - Cocktail Nights outfit ( shown only on the Black & White outfit) Photos taken at Sturgis Black Hills Riding SIm ( If you enjoy riding and shopping, this sims for you! ) Visit them here My Look today Maitreya Lara Body LAQ Nellie Skin LAQ Gaia Head PC Pearl Magic Forrest Eyes and I went a little hair crazy for these... Hairs by Argrace - Urei , Yura , Maya & Kohaku all in Blacks So thats it: ) Time to go home and spend a quiet Sunday! Happy weekend! Mwah!! etisa
  8. V-TWINS BLIND LOVE BIKER EDITION Happy Friday! Yesterday the guys released a brand new outfit called Blind Love! So today I will show the Biker edition This ones got it all... A cute top, micro mini skirt for all the flirty fun AND fishnet! What more can you want?? Skirt comes in Sizes for Freya , HourGlass, Isis , & Maitreya Top comes in sizes for Sizes for Freya , HourGlass, Physique , Venus , Isis , & Maitreya Both the Skirt and Top Huds contain 8 colors/ Patterns Boots are from the retired V-Twins Bedford Boots. I love the combat boot look with this outfit. Final rundown Hair is from Truth -Athena ( September 2017 Group Gift) Maitreya Lara Body LAQ Nellie Skin LAQ Gaia Head PC Pearl Magic Forrest Eyes There you have it Have a wonderful weekend and see you soon! MWAH!! etisa
  9. V-Twins Valentines 2018 <3 Hey all you V-Twins lovers Valentines is right around the corner and the guys have put together this sexy little dress! Dress comes in sizes for Freya , Hourglass, Physique . Isis , Venus . & Maitreya 2 huds Included! Valentine hud has 4 upper testure choices & 4 lower texture choices. Regular hud has 8 lower texutres . 8 upper texures and 8 chest textures I paired it with shoes from V-Twins - Toy Girl outfit both black & red As usual, I am wearing a Maitreya Lara Body LAQ Nellie Cocoa Skin and appliers, LAQ Dazzeling Mixed eyes LAQ Gaia Mesh Head and 2 hairs today! Catwa - TNT updo in Black Dela - Candice long hair in black Hope you all have a most Happy Valentines Day with lots of love from everyone at V-Twins! MWAH!! etisa
  10. NEW RELEASE: Inheritance All New ! Tons of Options too! This one comes in both Color & Biker Versions ! Top with Hud - 16 colors/ patterns plus 8 belt options Pants with Hud - 16 colors/ patterns plus 8 belt options Sizes for Ebody , Freya , curvy , Fine , Hourglass ,Isis .Maitreya , Physique ,TMP , & Venus Grab Both and mix and match the pants and tops! At Only $149 each they are truely a bargain I paired them with the V-Twins - Bently heels. Body as Always - Maitreya Lara Head - LAQ - Gaia Eyes - LAQ Dazzeling Mix Skin- LAQ - Nellie Cocoa Hair - Valena - Alba - Black Check back soon for more great V-Twins clothes! MWAH! etisa
  11. V-Twins - Jazzabel & V-Twins Bootleggerz - Chevy boots Jazzabel Has been Rereleased! This older V-Twins favorite is back by request! You can get yours currently on the sale board for Only $149 L It comes in Lone Wolf, Plain and patched versions Omega Appliers for Bra, Gloves thong and top 5 Standard mesh sizes for skirt Includes cross piercing, arm bands and arm bandana And Brand New for the E/M Event we have V-Twins Bootleggerz - Chevy boots ! They come in a Black & Brown Versions and also an amazing Fat Pack! Stop over at E/M for yours soon! Sale ends Feb 15th Body - Maitreya Lara Skin LAQ Nellie - Cocoa Head - LAQ - Gaia Hair is from No_Match - No_Anger black
  12. V-TWINS NEW RELEASE: Freeloader Happy Friday fellow V-Twiners! Todays release is Freeloader, a skirt, top & jacket combo with tons of options! Great for mix and match with your other favorite V-Twins clothes too! This one comes with 3 Huds. One for each the Jacket and Skirt and a third to customize the laces! You can vary the looks alot with this one! there are 8 colors for Jacket and 16 colors & patterns for the skirt and an OMEGA APPLIER FOR the top As always it is compatible for most mesh bodies. Looks great for casual or a sexy day at the office * winks* Forms nicely on Maitreya as you see. No Bleed through and very shapely! I paired it with V-Twins Bootleggerz - Asphyxia heels for Slink Feet So a quick rundown for today, I am wearing LAQ - Nellie Skin cocoa LAQ - Gaia mesh head LAQ - Dazzeling Mixed eyes Truth - Cerys Hair - Black& Whites Hope you enjoy this one! I sure do!! Well the weekends almost here so gotta run! Mwah!! etisa
  13. V-Twins - Mooch Hey Happy Tuesday! Bright and early this morning the folks at V-Twins put out this brand new outfit called Mooch! So I wandered over to Flowrida Urban Community Living to take some pics. Flowrida is an interactive urban community that involves a group of people who are looking to enjoy their Second Life. You can visit them here : Candy Shop/124/157/24 This new outfit has a top and skirt with many options and sizes. Sizes for Curvy , Fine, Freya , Hourglass , Isis ,Venus , Maitreya , & Physique Biker top Hud- 8 plain / patched options Biker Skirt Hud - 16 plain/patched versions Color Top Hud - 16 color options with 8 Strap Colors Color Skirt Hud - 8 color/fabric options I have both and mixed the tops and skirts for more options! I Paired it with V-Twins Bootleggerz - Kickers shoes. Looks very cute and urban! So I'm Still in the Maitreya Body but heres todays look Sun glasses - ShadZ* Good Girls Do Bad Things - Classic and Stealthic x Toksik - 11. TKS Sunglasses (Silver x Black) 1 Hair - Truth - Natalie Hope you enjoy the new outfit! MWAH!! etisa
  14. V-Twins New Revamped Re- Release - Wheel Dust Hi everyone and welcome to a whole new week! V-Twins revamped and added some extras to one of our Old Favorites!. V-Twins Wheel Dust, formerly Hell & Wheels, has been all redone with new tops added to give your old fave a fresh look! The Boots in this outfit alone are worth the purchase! These thigh high boots are super sexy and the lacing up the back is sure to turn some heads! Well that and the booty shorts The Boots are Standard mesh sized but i wear them on my Maitreya fine. I just alpha where needed and wear one size larger than i normally would and all is well. The Fringe Vest comes in just the 5 standard mesh sizes but on my Maitreya Body the medium fit perfect with no bleed through. The Shorts and tops are all Omega Appliers but system Layers and alphas for the vest & boots are included. You can wear the outfit with or without the vest. Both looks are great! Body - Maitreya Lara Hair- Argrace - Haku eyes - LAQ ~ Dazzling Mixed Eyes Gloves - V-Twins#Mesh - Biker Gloves Black for Bento Headband- V-Twins - Classic forehead bandana black Be sure to pop in and get a copy... Won't be long and they will be moved off new release! Enjoy! MWAH!! etisa
  15. Store Name: Pumec InWorld Store Location: Designer or Owners (s): ·ʀɪᴛᴀ ᴘᴜᴍᴇᴄ· (otyebis Resident) Product Categories: #SKIN #COSMETICS #CATWA #LELUTKA #SLINK #OMEGA #Maitreya #Belleza #Clothing #Choker #Necklace #Accessories #Jewelry #Lipstick #Eyes #Appliers #Genesis Lab #Fiore #Ears #Gacha #Free #Gifts #Chain #ENCHANTE' #Pumec #Shoes #Boots #Sunglasses #headphones Marketplace Link: Summary: Great Skins, cosmetics , Jewelry & accessories for all your favorite Mesh Bodies and Heads Pictures: