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  1. Thursday Blues.. and greens and purples! Hey everyone It's my day to groove to soem blues so i figured why not show you where I hang! if you want to hear the best Blues and meet some awesome peoples Wharf Rat Blues is the place to be. Billed as UNIQUE LITTLE CLUB TUCKED AWAY ON THE SHORES OF COOK INLET IN THE LAND OF THE MIDNIGHT SUN. THE HOT SMOKIN' SOUNDS OF BLUES FILL THE ENDLESS COLD NIGHT..AN OLD BOATHOUSE AND WHARF DEDICATED TO OOZIN' ROCKIN' FUNKIN' BLUES.. DJ'S, LIVE MUSIC,DANCE 'N ROMANCE.. It's the place I call home Stop in evenings for some fun! Mama Fiery Otaared owns and keeps this little piece of heaven open for all to wander and enjoy. Wander the beautiful sim and enjoy just respect the privacy of the residents. There is even an underwater haven for mer folks Tell them Tisa sent you ! You can find it here... Dream/68/20/24 And now for some more V-Twins fashion! Today I chose V-Twins - High Spirited Color Version This outfit came out in the beginning of 2017 Its one of my faves this year so far. Pants come in Brown , Blue ,Green and Purple Both system Layers and Omega appliers for mesh bodies Top comes in sizes for Curvy & Fine , Hourglass & Physique , Ebody , Freya , Isis , Venus, Maitreya , TMP and 5 Standard Mesh layers with alpha. Hud for top contains 2 textures each of Black , Brown, Green and Purple. But you can mix your own on the color wheel as well Look how crisp those collar corners are! And the detail in the pants is just awesome! I Paired it with V-Twins Bootleggerz - Rome ( newest release) They come in 3 different packages. Black/Brown version Pink / White Version and a fat pack contianing 16 preset colors! And as always a color wheel to make your own Heres a sample of the colors in the fatpack. It is endless when you look at how many tints you can make yourself! So thats it! Wander the Wharf and see the sites then hop over to V-Twins for some great deals! See you Soon!! MWAH!! etisa
  2. Happy Humpday! Hey my fellow V-Twiners! It's wednesday and I thought for this weeks humpday I would give us girls a little eye candy So I will tell the guys about an outfit called Steven! I got my friend Nolan back here to model it for us. ( ok i begged with sad eyes and a puppy dog face til he gave in but I got him didn't I !! ) So here is Nolan looking bad ass as always for us Nolan is wearing V-Twins - Steven Patched Version. This outfit comes with Omega appliers for Gloves , Pants and T-Shirt Mesh Vest in 5 Standard mesh sizes with alpha System Layer pants and T-Shirts cuffs and zipper add-ons included. As with most of the mens wear at V-Twins, these pieces can be mixed with other outfits as well for some creative looks. Nolan wears an Avi from Tellaq and he had no issues getting the standard mesh to fit. His Skin is also from Tellaq called JJDAEF . Harry It comes with 15 different skin tones and hair bases. His boots are from Shoenique called SD - Biker Mens Boots. He has gorgeous green eyes I could stare into all day ,also from Tellaq. Thats all for now... I need to find a sham-wow after all this drooling! Hope your humpday is going as well as mine is MWAH!! etisa
  3. BONUS BLOG!! EXTRA FRIDAY REPORT! Guess what my fellow V-Twiners! V-Twins has a new women's release!! Released just today is V-Twins - Bristle! It is a nice casual Outfit a made up of Jeans and Bustier top. My bestie Garnet and I went bowling to try this baby out and it looks fabulous! We returned to the Hell On Heels sim for a round of Bowling and to try out some bikes. We are wearing the V-Twins Bristle Outfit ( denim version) Pants come in sizes for Curvy & Fine, Freya, Slink Hourglass & Physique , Venus , Isis, TMP , Maitreya , and 5 standard mesh sizes Hud for Pants includes 6 colors, ripped, plain and patched versions and an option to change the beltloop colors. Top comes in sizes for Eve Pulpy & Slim , Maitreya , Curvy & Fine , Slink Hourglass & Physique, Freya , Isis , Venus ,TMP , and 5 Standard Mesh sizes. Top Hud includes 8 preset colors and color wheel option to make your own I tinted my tops this rad Orange and Garnet tinted hers a dark red. ( She always goes for the reds) I paired my outfit with the V-Twins Bootleggerz - Summertime heels. Garnet wears the same sandals all the time. I don;t know where they are from but they are cute lol. We both use the Maitreya body. Well thats it for now... she's beating my score gots to run! MWAH!! etisa
  4. Friday Duo!! Hi everyone! Today i trapped.. I mean conned, I mean asked real nicely doe Stevies help blogging and he graciously said why sure! So today we will be showing you the Men's outfit- My Church Clothes and the women's outfit Counterfeit ( color version). Photos are mostly done by Stevie He does amazing profile pics! Perv me if you want to see! So for the Men we have My Church Clothes... You can wear this one dressy or casual. The jacket can be worn with or without the dress shirt and tie. This outfit includes Omega Appliers for gloves, pants System layer Pants in 2 choices Mesh jacket or jacket/shirt combo in 5 standard mesh sizes each with alpha layers pant cuffs and gloves ! lots of options in this one. It comes in versions for Plain ( what Stevie is modeling) Patched or Lone wolf. A little something there for everyone For the ladies I am showing off.. I mean modeling... yeah thats it modeling... V-Twins - Counterfeit ( color Version ) This sexy little dress even comes with boots! What a bargain huh? Inside the folder you will find Boots come in sizes for Freya , Slink Hourglass & Physique , Isis, Venus, Maitreya , Boot Hud preset with 8 colors Dress comes in Fit Mesh Sizes for Curvy & Fine , Slink Physique and Hourglass , Ebody, Maitreya , Venus, Freya, Isis Dress Hud preset with 8 colors for upper and lower so you can mix and match! Matching Sleeves for Curvy & Fine , Ebody , Freya , Slink Physique & Hourglass ,Isis, Venus Maitreya Sleeve Hud preset with 8 colors And as always the infamous color wheel to tint them all your way! So mix it up! Have fun with it and make it your own! That's it for today but we really hope you like these! We had fun modeling them! See you soon! MWAH etisa
  5. Fat Tuesday! ( not really but fat packs count right? ) It's Tuesday !! And V-Twins has another New Release for the ladies! Todays New Release is an awesome pair of heels named V-Twins Bootleggerz - Summertime, These heels go perfect with all your summertime outfits! The creators at V-Twins have really out done themselves today with tons of color and pattern options!. Aren't they beautiful! ( not the rims guys .. the shoes ) They come in 3 versions. Your basic black and brown combo, a Pink and White combo and the motherlode Fatpack which has ... ready? 16 colors, 9 patterns and a color wheel full of colors to tint yourself! These are just SOME of the options you will have with the fatpack! Theres just too many for show them all! They go great with any outfit you have, Dressy or casual or working in the shop even! The sale price won't last long so be sure to grab a fat pack of these babies while they are only $249 L! I paired them with V-Twins - Windrider outfit. you can find more info about this outfit in this blog OR here... so Check them out and enjoy! Back to work for me... see you soon! MWAH!! etisa
  6. Happy Sunday fellow V-Twiners! So V-twins put out a cute little shorts outfit this week called behavior and I thought maybe I should put a little tidbit here for ya'll I wandered over to a Sim called Bikers Bay - Home of Hell on Heels. A Great place to go riding! Miles of track, beautiful scenery and a Bowling ally with pool table and 2 alleys. I had a blact figureing them out You can visit them here! Aliria/143/147/23 So today I am showing you V-Twins - Behavior ( color Version ) This one has a great little summer top and denim shorts. Its a great one to mix and match with other pants or tops as well Top comes in sizes for Freya , Hourglass , Isis , Maitreya . Ocacin , Physique , Venus and 5 standard mesh sizes. Hud for top includes 16 colors! I colored mine with the color Wheel a cute pinkish Lavender tint. Shorts come in sizes for Freya , Hourglass, Isis, Maitreya, Physique, and Venus Hud for shorts includes 8 colors Also includes a Hud for 4 belt colors Black, White and 2 shades of Brown. I also Paired with the V-Twins cowgirl boots. I love these little black boots! Thats it for this time but check back soon because believe it or not.. i got a mesh head! Fine tuning it so that next Blog you get to see me all meshed and prettyful Have an awesome sunday! MWAH!! etisa
  7. Manic Monday Hi V-Twiners! Told you I would be back It's Manic Monday! And so is the name of todays V-Twins outfit!! I wandered over to Sammys @ The City By the Bay. Such a Nice Sim! They have Live Music, And DJs playing music from the 50s 60s 70s 80s 90s classic rock , Pop , & country. A little of everything for everyone! They are New resident friendly. They have an amazing Veterans Memorial. You can wander and visit the shops, a nice park and even stop for pizza or a burger! You can visit them here , Anyways, here is a bit about todays outfit. V-Twins - Manic Monday is a fall / winter outfit or just for those chilly SL days when you need a jacket and jeans. The Combined Top has its own hud with 8 Plain textures, 8 Patched textures and an alpha texture to make the shirt invisable to wear the jacket alone Pants come in 5 fitmesh sizes and also sizes for Curvy , ebody, Fine, Hourglass & Physique, Maitreya, Isis , TMP, and Venus The Pants Hud has a light blue and dark blue option, and each color has an additional 3 patched versions to choose from I chose V-Twins Bootleggerz - Augusta Boots to wear with this outfit. These are one of my favorite little shoes for Jeans. I love the texture, so realistic looking! Now they are an older paid and come in Slink feet Size only, but i still wear my slink feet most the time anyways. They come with or without Sock Options. Socks come in black or white. I am wearing no socks. This hair I just love, its from =DeLa*= , and is called Rema . I just love the casual wind blown look of it. You can find =DeLa*= In the My Favorite Stores Section of this Webpage! Thats it today for this Manic Monday! Time to go home and relax! See you soon! MWAH!!! etisa
  8. Monday Morning is just around the corner and here I am! Late night on a Sunday evening and I am roaming Sl. I found this little place called Old Italy and decided it looked like a nice place for some pics! So Tonight I will be showing you a little bit of Old Italy, you can visit it here ,,, Perla/101/104/37 And I am wearing the V-Twins Covfefe outfit ( color version) This cute casual number comes in many sizes . Top Sizes included for Curvy , Fine, Ebody, Maitreya, Venus, Slink Physique & Hourglass, Isis , Freya ,TMP. and 5 Standard Mesh sizes as well. The Hud for the top includes 23 colors / patterns The mini Skirt is super cute and very sexy! It comes in sizes for Freya ,Slink Physique , Hourglass , Maitreya , Isis ,& Venus. The Skirt has 2 huds. One for Denim which includes 8 colors, And the second Hud includes Leather Textures for 6 Colors. And theres more!! Even the belt has a color hud!! The Belt Hud has 7 Colors! All these huds combined with the Color Wheel give endless options for this outfit!! I paired this outfit with V-Twins Bootleggerz - Bound Boots. I just love these. From the heels to the little buckles they are perfection! So be sure to pop over to V-Twins and check these out! Well Morning is just around the corner so I better go. But I will be back tomorrow with some other great V-twins outfit! Be sure to check in And from all of us at V-Twins... Hope you had a fun and happy weekend! MWAH!! etisa
  9. Beach Day for V-Twins! Happy Tuesday! And what a great week it has started out to be! I Chose Kona Beach today to venture on to and you will see why soon! With Surfing, Horseback Riding and all the beachy fun you could ever want , its a beautiful place to spend your SL time! If you would like to visit this beautiful beach just take this little taxi Another great new outfit for summer from the folks at V-Twins to show you! This ones a mesh Bikini that fits sooo many mesh bodies! And it is available in Both a Biker version, or a Color Version! The Top comes in sizes for Freya , Isis, Venus, Hourglass , Physique, TMP, Maitreya & 5 standard mesh sizes! The bottom comes in sizes for Isis , Freya, Venus, Hourglass , Physique , Maitreya , Tmp, & 5 standard mesh sizes too! This is the bikini you have been waiting for ladies! So many texture choices! It's the a whole Bikini store in one little folder! The color versions huds comes with 32 assorted colors and patterns! Mix and match your top and bottom to make this bikini your very own style!! The Biker versions Huds comes with 16 textures and you can mix and match the top and bottoms with it as well! And don't forget the color wheel options for tinting those white bikinis! Summer never lasts long enough in RL but in SL we can wear these cute little Kinis alll year long!! For a limited time they are only $149 L but that price doesn't last long. They go up soon so get yours while its hot! ( insert cheesy grin here) Thats it for today... so grab your bikini and go enjoy some pixel sun!!! More to come soon so check back often! MWAH! etisa
  10. Happy Monday V-Twiners!! Its Monday! and i thought why not shake things up a bit? So i called my friend Nolan and asked him to come show his fine self off to all of you! Nolans a hottie and we thought it would be good to show you one of V-twins mens outfits to start this week off. So here is Nolan wearing V-twins CrossRoads plain outfit. This one comes with a Mesh vest in 5 standard mesh sizes including the alpha.and it also has both system layers and omega appliers for the pants and tank. Now Nolans a bit of a rebel and he didnt wear the tank or the gloves. He wears a mesh body from Tellaq and ha had no issues getting the standard mesh to fit. I was kinda hanging around taking pics... I am wearing the newest womens outfit called V_Twins WindRider which you can read about in yesterdays blog above this one So thats about it for this one but keep an eye out , I will be popping in again soon with more great V-twins news! Oops I got carried away! See you soon! MWAh etisa
  11. Sunday Morning Ramblings Happy Sunday! So V-twins added a new* Improved outfit and I want to share it with you! What better way to share than to go wander another great sim! I hopped over to Digital Art Camino sim. This place is just beautiful! If you like art & nature this place has it in spades. Lots of beautiful landscaping and added in still art along with interactive pieces to put yourself and your partner in with you. You can visit them here... And now on to my ramblings! So the new outfit is called V-Twins Wind Rider. Very Casual, mesh outfit . It has a little tank top and jeans. The top comes in sizes for Belleza Iris, Venus and Freya, Maitreya, Slnk Physique, TMP and 5 standard mesh sizes with alpha for non mesh avatars. The color hud has 8 preset colors and the color wheel. Also the top has an additional set of patched versions so you can wear it plain or patch those puppies up! The Jeans come in Sizes for Belleza, Slink, Maitreya , and 5 standard mesh sizes with alpha as well. The pants have 2 versions to choose from. I wore some older V-twins boots with these. The Juarez boots work perfect. The folded front works great with mesh pants. Too often we have the bottoms of our jeans poking through and these dont at all. Together they make an awesome casual riding outfit! To snaz it up a little i added in some jewelry and a belt from Chaos Panic & Disorder. This is a nice full set called Biker Babe that included a belt, necklace, ear rings , lip rings , belly ring and a nose chain. I am only wearing the necklace , belly ring and belt today. You can find them here... My hair is the newest Truth Group Gift - Tori. Loose side braids hang in front for a casual messy look that works great paired with a bandana for riding! So that's it! Hope you enjoy your sunday! I will!! see you soon! MWAH!! etisa
  12. Store Name: InWorld Store Location: to NYC/186/196/142 Designer or Owners (s): Jayra Magic Product Categories: Motorcycles, Biker apparel for men and women Marketplace Link: Summary: Biker feeling on bikes with a spirit, custom motorcycles with fantasy, test ride on our track, Harley Davidson feeling, ride the Route 66, Legend cruiser or our Indian v-twins, each fine tuned with own temperaments, visit our main store, your bike shop New Satelite Store at V-Twins! Pictures:
  13. Its Tuesday! Menacing & Burn out!! Boy did the weekend go fast! I didn't get alot of time online but V-twins did release 2 great pieces! I want to start with the Menacing Outfit. This is a great casual outfit with tons of color options ! I love this top, off the shoulder sexy and casual. Goes great with jeans or skirts. I think pairing with a denim skirt would be super cute! It comes in sizes for Tonic Curvy and Fine , Freya, Isis, Slink Hourglass and Physique ,TMP, Maitreya & Venus! The color hud is totally amazing! 16 preset color choices plus the ever famous color wheel option for making your own! Amaze Balls I'm tellin ya! These sleek sexy pants are form fitting and shimmer just enough to be eye catching in a club or just smooth and comfy casual on a summer day They come in sizes for Freya , Isis, Venus, Maitreya , Slink Hourglass and Physique, TMP, and 5 standard mesh sizes as well. Alpha included for pants standard size, The Pants hud comes with 8 preset colors we well. I found this to be a great outfit for some wave watching Photos were taken at Las Islas. They have the best waves and ocean pieces available in SL in my opinion. You can visit them here : Islas/128/136/1503 Now before we go let me show you the new boots! V-Twins Bootleggerz - Burn out. These are great thigh high boots. They come in 3 different packs. A black & Brown pack, a Pink & white pack and a fat pack. The fatpack is awesome because not only do you get colors not in the other packs but its only $249 !! There's that top paired with the skirt from V-Twins Banshee outfit! Hope you like these! Be sure to pop over and try the demos and thank you so much for making V-Twins such a great store!! Til Next time! MWAH! etisa
  14. Store Name: Meva InWorld Store Location: Designer or Owners (s): Mea Carnell Product Categories: Jewelry , Gachas, apparel for men and women Marketplace Link: Summary: Meva Mesh FAshion, Jewellry and Accessoirs for Men und Women Pictures:
  15. Store Name: Blushed InWorld Store Location: Designer or Owners (s): Blush Bravin Product Categories: Nail Polish, Wings, cottages, jewelry, appliers Marketplace Link: Summary: Jewelry and clothing appliers made for the most popular mesh bodies on the grid! We also have a small line of cosmetics and cottages. Pictures: