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    Savage Bike Series The Savage Bike Series has 8 Versions available for Purchase. Each Bike Box containa both a Male and Female Version along with Note card and Photos for Menu cotrol description and Help Guides. They are easy to ride, a Menu to help customize options and more! You can try out a Demo at our sim! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Gianno/200/231/52
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    Thursday Blues.. and greens and purples! Hey everyone It's my day to groove to soem blues so i figured why not show you where I hang! if you want to hear the best Blues and meet some awesome peoples Wharf Rat Blues is the place to be. Billed as UNIQUE LITTLE CLUB TUCKED AWAY ON THE SHORES OF COOK INLET IN THE LAND OF THE MIDNIGHT SUN. THE HOT SMOKIN' SOUNDS OF BLUES FILL THE ENDLESS COLD NIGHT..AN OLD BOATHOUSE AND WHARF DEDICATED TO OOZIN' ROCKIN' FUNKIN' BLUES.. DJ'S, LIVE MUSIC,DANCE 'N ROMANCE.. It's the place I call home Stop in evenings for some fun! Mama Fiery Otaared owns and keeps this little piece of heaven open for all to wander and enjoy. Wander the beautiful sim and enjoy just respect the privacy of the residents. There is even an underwater haven for mer folks Tell them Tisa sent you ! You can find it here... http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Utopian Dream/68/20/24 And now for some more V-Twins fashion! Today I chose V-Twins - High Spirited Color Version This outfit came out in the beginning of 2017 Its one of my faves this year so far. Pants come in Brown , Blue ,Green and Purple Both system Layers and Omega appliers for mesh bodies Top comes in sizes for Curvy & Fine , Hourglass & Physique , Ebody , Freya , Isis , Venus, Maitreya , TMP and 5 Standard Mesh layers with alpha. Hud for top contains 2 textures each of Black , Brown, Green and Purple. But you can mix your own on the color wheel as well Look how crisp those collar corners are! And the detail in the pants is just awesome! I Paired it with V-Twins Bootleggerz - Rome ( newest release) They come in 3 different packages. Black/Brown version Pink / White Version and a fat pack contianing 16 preset colors! And as always a color wheel to make your own Heres a sample of the colors in the fatpack. It is endless when you look at how many tints you can make yourself! So thats it! Wander the Wharf and see the sites then hop over to V-Twins for some great deals! See you Soon!! MWAH!! etisa
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    Happy Humpday! Hey my fellow V-Twiners! It's wednesday and I thought for this weeks humpday I would give us girls a little eye candy So I will tell the guys about an outfit called Steven! I got my friend Nolan back here to model it for us. ( ok i begged with sad eyes and a puppy dog face til he gave in but I got him didn't I !! ) So here is Nolan looking bad ass as always for us Nolan is wearing V-Twins - Steven Patched Version. This outfit comes with Omega appliers for Gloves , Pants and T-Shirt Mesh Vest in 5 Standard mesh sizes with alpha System Layer pants and T-Shirts cuffs and zipper add-ons included. As with most of the mens wear at V-Twins, these pieces can be mixed with other outfits as well for some creative looks. Nolan wears an Avi from Tellaq and he had no issues getting the standard mesh to fit. His Skin is also from Tellaq called JJDAEF . Harry It comes with 15 different skin tones and hair bases. His boots are from Shoenique called SD - Biker Mens Boots. He has gorgeous green eyes I could stare into all day ,also from Tellaq. Thats all for now... I need to find a sham-wow after all this drooling! Hope your humpday is going as well as mine is MWAH!! etisa
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    Place:http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Borneo%20Isle/145/168/21 Body:Maitreya Lara Head: Catwa Ears: Mandala Photographic gear :LUMIPRO Great outfit for a good start of the day, top .Lace Pants and Boots in one package diffrent colors and patches it is a must have. _______________________________________________________ The Product Folder Contains: Top ** MESH ( 14 sizes) Mesh Body Sizes, Belleza, Maitreya & Slink Pants ** MESH ( 6 sizes) Mesh Body Sizes, Belleza, Maitreya & Slink 6 x Lace Bodysuit Colors, standard layers plus Omega Appliers Alpha layer to use pants/boots with Standard Body _______________________________________________________ The Hud Options: 1 Hud Biker - Black & Brown ( plain & patched) 1 Hud Color 16 colors 1 Hud jeans 2 colors, 1 plain x 3 patched 1 Hud for the boots Click on the demo link for a demo of this outfit.
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    Version **MESH Vest & Skirt Mesh BV-Twins Sure Fit - Biker Clothes - Banshee Collection Blue Denim odies Compt. The Product Folder Contains: Vest **MESH (15 sizes) all common mesh bodies Skirt **MESH (15 sizes) all common mesh bodies (_¸.•'´ $$*`'•.¸_)_____(_¸.•'´ $$*`'•.¸_) (_¸.•'´ $$*`'•.¸_)_____ This Banshee Outfit is Fit perfectly the skirt can be color channed to Black, for sexy you can wear it like on the pictures but if you want be dessentthen you can always combine with another top. Againe a good job i love it. Body: Maitreya Outfit: V-Twin Banshee collection Head: Catwa Shoes with socks : ShOvEHeAdS Picture made on: Empire of Twin Peaks Bike: R.C.C. Bikes
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    Halloween HighWay Star 2017 is here! A brand new Bike is out and ready for you to take home! HighWay Star the Halloween 2017 edition is out! This classic bike has been revamped for the holidays with 10 Paint Textures to choose through . and we think you will love it! Like all the other V-Twins Bikes , this one rides smooth, has an easy to work menu and tons of detail! It Comes with both a Male and Female version Included and is Priced at Only $1299! I took it for a test ride over at the Gators MC World Wide Sim. ( Home to the Gators MC! A short but sweet timed track through the swamps and mountains and a fun bunch of people that love to ride bikes! Also the mainstore location for Hogs & Cart Wheels...Bikes, Cars and More! ) They have an awesome Halloween maze that will be open until Nov 5 so please be sure to check them out! You can visit them at : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cadair Idris/32/66/22 oOo Soda Hunt oOo (Solde Rothmanay) & Her Hubby Mαχ Hunt (MaxwellHunt Resident) were kind enough to give me a tour of the Sim. It has beautiful track to ride and the Halloween Maze is.. well .. A-MAZE-Ing!! I am going back for seconds Here are a few pics of the sim AND the New Bike! Enjoy!!
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    Check Lynn's Blog post about Commando Bike https://lynnzelin.tumblr.com/post/166076907690/as-the-fall-weather-sets-in-its-a-nice-day-for-a
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    Check pictures from one of our bloggers here: http://www.ravenskyeblog.com/2017/10/02/v-twins-first-responder/
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    It's Thursday and Have we got a treat for you!! V-Twins has a brand new boot out today for women called V-Twins Bootleggerz - Payton! This Boot is ankle height and can be worn with jeans or shorts and Skirts. Nice Casual in many color options if you purchase the fat pack. NEW BOOTS RELEASE: PAYTON Comes in sizes for Maitreya, Slink and a Standard Mesh size as well 3 Versions Available Black& Brown $149 L Pink & White $149 L Fat Pack Only $249!! Fat Pack contains a color hud with 24 color options and the color wheel to tint them your own colors as well Shown with V-Twins outfit - Infamous Biker Comes in Sizes for Freya, Hourglass, Physique . Isis, Maitreya , Venus and 5 Standard Mesh Sizes. Also Includes Alphas for system bodies. 2 Huds Included One for Slink and one for everyone else Hud includes options for the Jacket , Arms, and Shorts with 8 plain or Patched options each Hair is from No_Match - Daiquiri. Black Pack This hair is Unisex and comes with Male and Female sizes, a color Hud for Black tones and an accessorie Hud for the beads, glasses, metals and feathers. It also Includes hairbases to match each Hair color. Body is Maitreya Watch for more great V-Twins Items soon! MWAH!! etisa
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    Easy Ryder Bike Series The Easy Ryder Bike Series has 2 Versions available for Purchase. Each Bike Box contains both a Male and Female Version along with Note card and Photos for Menu cotrol description and Help Guides. They are easy to ride & control with many options, a Menu to help customize options and more! You can try out a Demo at our sim! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Gianno/200/231/52 Lets Start with the Captain American version, A great Chopper with a real Patriotic feel! And there is also the Billy Version. A great Classic bike! These Photos were taken at The Death Valley MC on the Twilight Sim This is a beautiful sim with awesome roads to ride! You can visit them here : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Twilight Ruins/121/188/477
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    Here you can see a few of the Official pictures we took from Ranger Collection Some of these were used in the official product board
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    Good day all V-Twin Lovers, a new layout and i hope you will like it like i do. V-Twins is a leading provider of biker style apparel for the SL avatars. Since V-Twins has different shops in Second Life®, please note that this outfit can be found in: V-Twins Biker Outfitters Main Shop. Don´t forget the main shop is moved, and its is awesome the new shop I Was Here
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    Firestorm Viewer: http://www.firestormviewer.org/ You can dowload here http://www.firestormviewer.org/downloads/ Available for Windows Mac & Linux Current Version: 5.0.7 Youtube Channerl: https://www.youtube.com/user/PhoenixViewerSL Second Life Official Wiki Link: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Third_Party_Viewer_Directory/Firestorm
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    You can take a look at this recent video showing Black Dragon
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    Here you can see a post from one of our bloggers https://andromedacapella.wixsite.com/website/single-post/2017/09/25/Ranger-Blue-by-V-Twins
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    Behavior Biker is a fun little outfit. Comfy and casual. Wear it anywhere you just want to go strolling around. HUDs with Black and brown tops with different sayings. Different colors for belt and shorts. Body by Maitreya Head Catwa Dyana
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    It's Friday!! The guys have been hard at work on something realllly special. I can't let you in on what yet but I promise you will love it! So this episode of Where is etisa now? I thought I would drag you over to Dystopia! This is a very cool Post Apocalyptic sim. Perfect for RP , or just hanging out and taking pics! ( like me!! ) Dystopia has a Flick page you can check out @ https://www.flickr.com/groups/284626 and its billed as Climate Fiction / Post Apocalypse / MODERATE Apocalyptic, future, concept, wasteland, slums, scuba, adventure, role play, dystopian, survival, urban, city. You can visit it here http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Excalibur Serendipity/152/27/40 V-Twins newest release Road Thug looked great for this sim so I got dressed and headed right over! These leathers are sexy , very detailed and tough. What more could you want? This Outfit comes with Jacket in sizes for Matireya , Ocacin , Physique , TMP , Venus , and 5 standard Mesh sizes Leggings come in Sizes for Freya , Hourglass, Isis, Maitreya , Physique , Venus with removeable leg tassels in Black or Brown Skirt comes in sizes for Maitreya , Belleza ,Curvy , Fine , Ebody , Freya , Isis, Slink Hourglass & Physique, Venus , Tmp , and 5 standard mesh sizes as well. Shoes come in sizes for Maitreya , Belleze , & Slink and come in Black or Brown The Shoes are amazing!, They can be worn with other leathers, a sexy dress , or even casual with Jeans! And look at the detail on this jacket! I swear the guys are really outdoing themselves lately! Since they paired it with shoes and all the hard work was done for me. Splashed on a little lipstick , fluffed the hair and I was all set! This Hair is from Q?Q . I found in Marketplace. I love the flexi curls! you can find their MP Store here https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/145166 Thats it for now BUT I could end up back later today you never know! Hugs for now, see you soon!! MWAH!! etisa
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    Sweet Treat Biker Blog: https://kittysfashionkorner.blogspot.com/2017/08/v-twins-sweet-treat-biker.html Flickr:
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    V-Twins - Dark Youth Blog: https://kittysfashionkorner.blogspot.com/2017/08/v-twins-dark-youth.html Flickr:
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    A Sunny day time for a picnick i take my motorbike and drove to Borneo Island , i did enjoy the nice filled basket, abd the free moving in this awesome outfit. V-Twins is a leading provider of biker style apparel for the SL avatars. _______________________________________________________ The Product Folder Contains: Jacket **MESH (6 sizes) 5 fitmesh, & Slink Version Skirt **MESH (14 sizes) all common mesh bodies Omega Appliers in Black & Brown Extra top in standard layers _______________________________________________________ The Hud Options: 1 Hud for the Skirt 2 colors, plain & 3 patched each Options for the thong & the Strap Click on the demo link for a demo of this outfit. Body: Maitreya Head: CATWA
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    A Great day for a ride! It's one of those, what shall we do today days. So When all else fails and you need some inspiration what better to do than hop on your bike and ride! Today I traveled over to Rock of Cashel ~ Ireland Riding Sim. And what a treat! If you can't find inspiration there, you are blind buddy. It is a beautiful Riding sim for casual or experienced riders. So if you are like me and crash alot.... ( ALOT) you will still LOVE it! Wide roads are easy to ride, beautiful scenery and shopping too! What more could you want? Anyways if you would like to visit them the addy is http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Vampire/153/136/71 I added a couple photos in the Gallery but lucky for you i took some photos of my outfit while i was there too! So on with my Blog... Todays outfit I chose to talk about is V-Twins Bounty ( Biker version) I chose the Biker version just cause I was in the mood This is a super cute casual Biker Jacket , top and Skirt and comes complete with over the knee boots. Great for riding! Lets Start with the Jacket The Jacket comes in 5 standard fitmesh sizes and Freya , Venus ,hourglass, Isis ,Maitreya and Physique. And Jacket Hud Contains, Black Brown and Tan colors, 4 Patched versions . Arms can be changed seperatly. So there are lots of options here to make it your own individual style. Since the top and jacket are separate you can also use either with other outfits as well, which is always a bonus The Top like I mentioned is separate. It Comes in in Freya , Hourglass , Maitreya , Isis Physique . Tmp , Tonic Curvy and Fine, And Venus sizes, And its Hud contains Black Brown and Tan versions with 8 Patched options each. Lots of Choices and as always all the hugs have the color Wheel feature so you can create you very own tints of these colors as well. The Skirt is a cute sexy little number. Short but covers nicely and also able to be worn patched or plain. It comes in Freya , hourglass, Isis ,Maitreya and Physique , Venus sizes And its Hud contains a Plain version and 3 patched versions . So many options for this outfit! I love the browns ! They have that nice rugged used leather look. Last but definetly not least are the boots... Now these will be a staple in your wardrobe with many outfits! Over the knee almost Thigh high Boots with lots of options! Boots come in Isis, Freya , hourglass, Maitreya , Physique and Venus Sizes. And Hud Contains, Black Brown and Tan colors , Sole , straps and buttons can all be individually changed! Talk about awesomeness! So to sum things up, Today I wore V-Twins Bounty Biker version outfit, My hair is from Argrace, if you havent checked them out be sure to. Beautiful Styles! This ones called Koma (Black) as usual I wear a Maitreya Lara body, my very own shape. And LAQ Nelly Skin. No Mesh head still but I am still being tempted lol. My eyes are from Poetic Colors - PC Pearl Magic Forrest color. And makeup is from Elegant Epiphany , Noir So thats it! Time for me to go home and lay in the hammock . Ya'll have a great day and don't forget to send in some photos of your own! Whereever you are and whatever you are wearing in the biker world we want to see!! Til next time ! MUAH! etisa