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  2. Store Name: [elikatira] InWorld Store Location: Designer or Owners (s): Elikapeka Tiramisu Product Categories: Womens Hair Marketplace Link: Summary: Womens Hair, Currantly on Sale while New Store is being built Pictures:
  3. Happy Weekend!! The week went fast and unfortunately so is the weekend! They never seem long enough. But fret not because Amigo releades a fantastic outfit ! This is a super cute summer outfit! Lots of options as always so let me fill you in! V-Twins - Collusion on sale for the next 24 hrs for $149. Its a bargain! There is a Biker version and a color Verions. I will be showing the color version today So heres the scoop! This cute outfit comes in sizes for Maitreya , Slink, Belleza , TMP , Tonic, & Eve! The Hud for the top comes with 8 colors on the main part , and 8 matching colors for the strings. Make them match or give them some contrast! With the color wheel you can also mix your own colors! The shorts are super super cute! Their hud has 8 solid colors & 8 patterns! Also the Belt has its own options with 8 Solid colors of its own! I also have on the previous new release , V-Twins Bootleggerz - Venice heels. These come in sizes to fit Slink , Maitreya, Belleza, & TMP. I have the fat pack, it has preset color options for 16 colors and with the color wheel again you can create your own colors too! so lots of options ! So quick rundown... Maitreya Lara Body Hair is from [ e l i k a t i r a ] its called Lena This store is also having a HUGE sale... i got this hair for only $72 L. Go to their store for the discount! Marketplace prices are not marked down. So you can find them here... Both the Shoes and the outfit are from V-twins... Collusion and Venice. And that about sums it up!. Head over to V0Twins tonight for the party! Gift cards are on the prize Board and DJ Samson will be there to entertain you!. Don't miss it! Always a good time there! So thats it for today. I shall see you soon! MWAH! etisa
  4. Post featuring Cassidy and Night Rage For Styling Information check out one of these links Blogspot Avatarbook Wordpress Flickr
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  6. V-Twins Biker Outfitters Collection Name: Collusion Release Date: 06/25/2017 Price: L$299 Versions available: Biker & Color Standard Sizes Available: yes Fitted mesh: yes Maitreya: Yes Slink: Yes Belleza: Yes TMP: YEs Tonic: Yes Eve: Yes Omega Appliers: No Marketplace Links: Pictures:
  7. You can use this link to buy on the Second Life® Marketplace
  8. You can use this link to buy on the Second Life® Marketplace
  9. You can use this link to buy on the Second Life® Marketplace
  10. You can use this link to buy on the Second Life® Marketplace
  11. You can use this link to buy on the Second Life® Marketplace
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  14. Store Name: Entity Skins InWorld Store Location: corporate/101/72/21 Designer or Owners (s): MisChloe Resident Product Categories: Skins, Appliers, Shapes, make up Marketplace Link: Summary: Entity features high definition, high quality skins for classic avatars, mesh bodies and heads plus model quality shapes and beauty products to enchance your avi and online experience. Pictures:
  15. Store Name: Magika InWorld Store Location: Designer or Owners (s): Sabina Gully Product Categories: Womens Hair Marketplace Link: Summary: hair hairstyles wigs rigged mesh roots ombre female womens Pictures:
  16. Hey Ya'll! Star here... V-Twins has these great new shoes I want to share with you today! BRAND spankin new! Just out today! And lil 'ol Star has them already!1 Check these babies out! Aren't they just precious?? They match just about anything. Dressy or casual, they fit right in! I got me the Fatpack! They also have a Black / Brown Pair or a White and Pink Pair. Right now these babies are on sale too.. only $149 Lindens. My fatpack was a little more but $249 Lindens for a fatpack is a steal! The Fatpack Hud has 16 preset colors and a color Wheel to make your own you just can;t beat that! So this is the outfit i picked out for ya'll today. It's called V-Twins Might Rage, I got me the biker Version cuz I like that straight foreward in yo face look.. ya know what I'm sayin? I chose the browns today since I'm feelin a little Hot Headed and needed to match my hair. So let me tell you all about this one. The Top has sizes for Curvy , Fine , Freya , Hourglass, Isis , Physique , TMP, Venus , Ebody and the 5 Standard Mesh sizes and an alpha of course. And the Hud for the Top 4 colors, and 4 patched options per color. Also 8 Patterned versions to mix it up. Whole lotta options here I'm tellin ya! This cute little skirt, it comes in Tonic Fine & Curvy , Venus , Freya, Maitreya , Hourglass, Physique, Isis ,TMP , and the 5 Standard mesh sizes and of course an alpha for it too. It's hud has 4 colors and 8 colors on the belt option . The Leg Harness has sizes for Mesh Classic, Freya ,Hourglass, Isis , Maitreya and Physique. Now i wear a Belleza Venus Body and I had no troubles at all wearing any of the pieces. They all fit just fine. I bought me a pair of ripped stockings on marketplace from a little place called Snowfall Sinsations , very inexpensive too ! Only $19 L and they work on just about everyone! They have piece or appliers for classic avatars and appliers for Maitreya Lara, Slink Physique, Belleza Venus and Omega system enabled mesh bodies. Now updated for the newest Maitreya Lara and Belleza V3's . So great deal! I hope ya'll find some great deals of your own and share them with us too!. I guess i should recap.. just give ya'll a quick rundown. Outfit - V-Twins Night Rage ( biker version) Shoes - NEW!! V-Twins Bootleggerz - Venice Fatpack Stockings - Snowfall Sinsations - Ripped Pantyhose w/ Appliers Body Belleza venus Head AK - Lulu Belleze Skin - Erika Eyes - !!DF!! Lt Blue Realistic Eyes _ Lt Blue #30 Shape - !Mesh Maniacs:: Talie and lastly Hair - *ARGRACE* Cowboy Hat / MINAMI - Reds So that's it! I am done for today and headed out! Take care ya'll! ♥●•٠·˙.˙·٠•●♥Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ♥●•٠·˙.˙·٠•●♥ Star
  17. V-Twins Biker Outfitters Collection Name: V-Twins Bootleggerz Venice Fat Pack Release Date: June 22nd 2017 Price: 499 Versions available: Black&Brown - Pink&White - Fat Pack Standard Sizes Available: (yes/no) no Fitted mesh: (yes/no) no Maitreya: yes Slink: yes Belleza: yes TMP: yes Tonic: no Eve: no Omega Appliers: no Marketplace Links: Pictures:
  18. Happy Thursday V-Twiners! Todays outfit of choice is V-twins Fallout , Color Version. I love this one! Casual, cute and a little sassy. I decided to go out roaming today and get a few pics to show you how great it fits and moves with you. So off to the Big City of Compton I went! Compton is an RP City but they allow visitors A tad bit about them reads : City life,. RPG, Combat...Ego's urban rp system. Socialize..rp, roleplay...drug making and selling....start a gang...join police or fire department. Lifestyle, Rentals, Houses, Apts' If You would like to visit the SLURL is Colorado/89/118/24 Since i was just grabbing a few photos I went early in the day. So now for outfit info! this great outfit has a top and jeans. The Jeans have 2 Lengths so if you are taller or want that bell bottom look we got ya covered! Sizes Included are Freya , Hourglass , Isis , Maitreya , Physique , and Venus (2 lengths for each) And the Hud... ohhhh this hud... It includes 8 colors , includes options for Plain , Ripped or Patched jeans and an option for the pocket as well. I love the options! Stopped off for a soda at the G's and took them awhile to get to me so I made myself at home Look at the way these jeans fit! no bleed through at all! And I am wearing the Maitreya version by the way. Now for the top! It comes in sizes for Curvy , Fine , Freya , Hourglass, Isis , Physique , TMP, Venus , and the 5 Standard mesh sizes including an alpha. This is an awesome little summery top. it could be paired with booty shorts, cut offs, a denim skirt or.. a cute bikini bottom! Sooo many options with this one too! The Hud for the Top 8 colors and 8 patched versions. and an option to change the string colors as well. So mix it up! As always the color wheel option is available too for you to tint our colors to your liking! I Chose a new hair today , these braids are just too cute and flirty... they come from Fabia Mesh hair and are named Milana, natural tones. Great place for hair. If you haven't visited them please do! And i added a little jewelry today! I usually don't wear alot of jewelry but these ears with Piercings from Swallow were too good pass up! ^^Swallow^^ Shiny Ears , the hud has many options for colors on not only the stones, but the beads, the metals and tiny inner ear tatts! I love these! So lets wrap it up... i think I drew a lil attention and need to jet... Todays outfit - V-twins Fallout Colors My Body, Maitreya ( no mesh head still ) LAQ Skin - Nelly Eyes from Poetic Colors - Magic Forrest and ^^Swallow^^ Shiny Ears Thats it! gotta run!... literally... who knew cop cars had alarms! Til next time... MWAH! etisa
  19. Store Name: Argrace InWorld Store Location: secondlife://shin%20zushi/150/161/26 Designer or Owners (s): rika Oyen Product Categories: Hair, hats , furniture , Jewelry , Marketplace Link: Summary: ARGRACE is total life style brand. We sell clothes, hairs, caps, funitures and more... We produce your comfortable life style in SL. Take your precious time and enjoy yourself. Pictures:
  20. A Great day for a ride! It's one of those, what shall we do today days. So When all else fails and you need some inspiration what better to do than hop on your bike and ride! Today I traveled over to Rock of Cashel ~ Ireland Riding Sim. And what a treat! If you can't find inspiration there, you are blind buddy. It is a beautiful Riding sim for casual or experienced riders. So if you are like me and crash alot.... ( ALOT) you will still LOVE it! Wide roads are easy to ride, beautiful scenery and shopping too! What more could you want? Anyways if you would like to visit them the addy is I added a couple photos in the Gallery but lucky for you i took some photos of my outfit while i was there too! So on with my Blog... Todays outfit I chose to talk about is V-Twins Bounty ( Biker version) I chose the Biker version just cause I was in the mood This is a super cute casual Biker Jacket , top and Skirt and comes complete with over the knee boots. Great for riding! Lets Start with the Jacket The Jacket comes in 5 standard fitmesh sizes and Freya , Venus ,hourglass, Isis ,Maitreya and Physique. And Jacket Hud Contains, Black Brown and Tan colors, 4 Patched versions . Arms can be changed seperatly. So there are lots of options here to make it your own individual style. Since the top and jacket are separate you can also use either with other outfits as well, which is always a bonus The Top like I mentioned is separate. It Comes in in Freya , Hourglass , Maitreya , Isis Physique . Tmp , Tonic Curvy and Fine, And Venus sizes, And its Hud contains Black Brown and Tan versions with 8 Patched options each. Lots of Choices and as always all the hugs have the color Wheel feature so you can create you very own tints of these colors as well. The Skirt is a cute sexy little number. Short but covers nicely and also able to be worn patched or plain. It comes in Freya , hourglass, Isis ,Maitreya and Physique , Venus sizes And its Hud contains a Plain version and 3 patched versions . So many options for this outfit! I love the browns ! They have that nice rugged used leather look. Last but definetly not least are the boots... Now these will be a staple in your wardrobe with many outfits! Over the knee almost Thigh high Boots with lots of options! Boots come in Isis, Freya , hourglass, Maitreya , Physique and Venus Sizes. And Hud Contains, Black Brown and Tan colors , Sole , straps and buttons can all be individually changed! Talk about awesomeness! So to sum things up, Today I wore V-Twins Bounty Biker version outfit, My hair is from Argrace, if you havent checked them out be sure to. Beautiful Styles! This ones called Koma (Black) as usual I wear a Maitreya Lara body, my very own shape. And LAQ Nelly Skin. No Mesh head still but I am still being tempted lol. My eyes are from Poetic Colors - PC Pearl Magic Forrest color. And makeup is from Elegant Epiphany , Noir So thats it! Time for me to go home and lay in the hammock . Ya'll have a great day and don't forget to send in some photos of your own! Whereever you are and whatever you are wearing in the biker world we want to see!! Til next time ! MUAH! etisa
  21. Avid Color & Bootleggerz-Bound Blog: Flickr:
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  24. Duel Outfit Review... Storm Rider for Men & Iris for women Hi everyone! It has been a week on my end of the grid ! But I wanted to share these 2 outfits with all of you. While spending some much needed time with the Mr I thought about it and realized I haven't done any Male reviews! So Stevie Being the nice guy that he is.. was kind enough to model V-Twins Storm Rider!! This great casual riding outfit looks great! And Stevie says the Hud couldnt be easier to use. V-Twins - Storm Rider comes complete with Boots, Jeans in 5 Standard Mesh sizes , and the Jacket can be worn with or without the shirt. Alphas are included and our popular Color Hud! So Your Jacket and Shirt can be changed Stevie is wearing the Plain version but there is also a patched version available, V-Twins - Iris is a super cute outfit that also comes complete with boots! Iris comes with 5 colors of stockings for both Classic Bodies and Omega Appliers for all Mesh bodies as well. The Skirt has sizes for Freya , Slink Hourglass, Isis , Maitreya , Slink Physique, & TMP. The Skirt Hud Has 8 colors of Leather shirts , 8 Colors of Denim , and the studs can be changed to Silver or Gold. The Top which is super cute and could be paired with shorts or jeans for another great casual look , comes in Fit Mesh sizes for Freya , Slink Hourglass, Isis , Maitreya , Slink Physique and Venus. Its Hud has 8 colors and the metal can also be changed from silver to gold And last but not Least These awesome boots! You could easily mix and match them with tons of other outfits you probably already have! and with their Hud you have 8 color choices. All the Huds have our great color wheel option so be adventurous! Mix your own colors! Make this outfit your own! I hope you like these outfits and if you have any suggestions for an outfit you would like to see please let me know! For now Stevie and I wish you an awesome Sunday! See you soon!! MUAH!! etisa
  25. Store Name: [AK] - Akeruka Creations InWorld Store Location: Designer or Owners (s): Agony Helse , KaoZ Koba Product Categories: Bento Mesh Heads & Appliers Marketplace Link: Summary: Mesh head, BENTO, skins shapes Realistic eyes man men women best skin sensual sex fitted mesh cloth mesh women mes soon: mocap animations, AO, mesh Applier, Bento Heads, Bento Animations, BENTO Pictures:
  26. V-Twins Biker Outfitters Collection Name: Fallout Release Date: 06/16/2017 Price: L$299 Versions available: Standard Sizes Available: Yes ( top ) Fitted mesh: Yes Maitreya: Yes Slink: Yes Belleza: Yes TMP: Top Only Tonic: Top Only Eve: Top Only Omega Appliers: No Marketplace Links: Pictures:
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