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A Short Dream

SadiePierce Resident


If it's possible to get excited about a new outfit, I'm here to tell you I've been successful at it.  The latest weekend release, Blasphemy Casual  by V-Twins is so up my alley, I can barely contain myself!  Jean textured, the tied crop top, opened at the breast, tells everyone around you you'll be bringing sexy back.  The skirt is in the same state, with zippered openings on either leg.  Both pieces come with the standard extensive color hud that V-Twins is known for. This complete outfit is ready and waiting for you at the mainstore; you'll be set for a fun summer day and night with this one.  


Available here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bonaire%20Island/128/187/24




Top & Skirt: V-Twins


Hair: Besom


Collar & Necklaces: Cae


Bracelets & Rings: AvaWay & Supernatural


Body: Maitreya


Head: Genus


Pose: FoxCity


Location: The Looking Glass



#secondlife #slfashion

V-Twins Blasphemy CasualFINAL.jpg

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