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Prehistorica !! A Second Life Inworld Experience

Crow Wylder


Prehistorica Region:  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Fort Nowhere/131/96/1101


This is a Store with 3 regions that sell Dinasour Avatars with an excellent quality. They look ultrarealistic and they are built with Mesh.

I took a few pictures while I was there.


They also have a Free Avatar ( small but very decent ) Kudos to the Owner !!

Accordign to what I read, they have monthly events and they also have experiences that allow you to purchase a few items with a 50% discount.

I tried one, but I was not in the mood recording video and wearing an animal avatar so I gave up. I might try some day wearing a human avatar ?


Crow1.thumb.jpg.f7aff455b9c1d9b5b43a6215718bbfb0.jpgCrow2.thumb.jpg.9c33b155680242dc43131088f0403994.jpg  Crow3.thumb.jpg.5920df9db623709bb7ee441fe05a3bb1.jpg


Crow5.thumb.jpg.0e6ff67fa8b549427c3f53511e0c0f88.jpg Crow4.thumb.jpg.6d84412c128c3ee193a0cdb04702f3ca.jpg


Worth visiting !!  Highly recommended. In particular if you want to purchase a different & reallistic avatar.

They also have a dragon !! Amazing !!




And you can watch my video too !!







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