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About this blog

This is my dog's life in Second Life.

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Crow Wylder Visits Biobreeds

Biobreeds is one of the most popular breedable brands in Second Life ® They have 4 different brands or breedables,  dogs, horses, farm animals & Wild Animals. Their new and latest product are bunnies ! But I didn't make any pictures, cause they look too delicious for me. 🐇   You can visit biobreeds here:  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/BioBreeds/128/128/2   Their bot is very annoying and persistent. He always wants to invite you to join their groups !! This is the video I made (I hope you enjoy it):       They sell their own food for each animal, and have a very well documented website with traits and races. http://www.biobreeds.com/Traitopia.aspx   And Tutorials ! http://www.biobreeds.com/Tutorials.aspx   These are a few pictures I took for my visit.   Horses   Wild Animals     Farm Animals     Dogs              

Prehistorica !! A Second Life Inworld Experience

Prehistorica Region:  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Fort Nowhere/131/96/1101   This is a Store with 3 regions that sell Dinasour Avatars with an excellent quality. They look ultrarealistic and they are built with Mesh. I took a few pictures while I was there.   They also have a Free Avatar ( small but very decent ) Kudos to the Owner !! Accordign to what I read, they have monthly events and they also have experiences that allow you to purchase a few items with a 50% discount. I tried one, but I was not in the mood recording video and wearing an animal avatar so I gave up. I might try some day wearing a human avatar 😛           Worth visiting !!  Highly recommended. In particular if you want to purchase a different & reallistic avatar. They also have a dragon !! Amazing !!     And you can watch my video too !!          

Art in Second Life - Surrealism - The Buried Man

Hi ! Today I went to visit The Buried Man. A region based on Dali Artwork. You can teleport here:  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Love Land/112/116/1266   I took a few pictures and recored a video. I hope you like it. When you teleport to the region, you land on a platform. All you have to do is using the teleport system to land on the surface and move around the region, that represent different sceneries from the Dali's pictures. Not all are included but quite a few of them are.              Here is the video I recorded..                

You are Living as a Dog, but You are not Invisible

You are not invisible when you move in Second Life as a dog. I honestly think they are either scared of you or they like you too much and they can't refrain themselves from contacting me, sending me an IM. Most of the messages are empty, like "cute avatar", "you are a nice puppy" etc. Nothing original. My answer is more original, I normally reply:  "Boop Boop" or "Boof,  a pathetic bark, I know  🐶   At least you are not a furry or a child avatar,  I don't seem to annoy much wherever I go.     I can't bite their asses, so it's easy to assume I'm harmless, not like real dogs. All I wanted to say, I'm not a puppy !! I could hump your leg if things heat up !!    
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