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V-Twins is Moving To Metabloggers

Amigo Uriza

V-Twins website will be integrated with Metabloggers on June 24th.  https://www.metabloggers.com/

This means that all the content in this website will be deleted on July 1st.


If you want to keep your pictures, you will need to manually take a copy of them before we close the website.

If you want to have your blog entries moved to Metabloggers, you will need to fill in this form:  https://form.jotformeu.com/91592265981367


We can move a maximum of 24 entries to Metabloggers.

To read more about the Metabloggers Import Section, please read all here: https://www.metabloggers.com/index.php?/topic/114-importing-old-content-from-v-twins-website/

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